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Jeff Hardy is married to Beth Britt

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Q: Does Jeff hardey have a wife or girlfriend?
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Did WWE wrestler edge cheat on his wife?

yes he cheated and went out with Jeff hardey yes he cheated and went out with Jeff hardey

Is Jeff hardey on svr 2007?


Are John Cena and Jeff hardey related?

NO Matt and Jeff r

When will Jeff hardey retern to the WWE?

2010 at wrestlemania

Did Jeff hardey return to WWE?

no, he went to TNA

Who is Jeff Hardy's wife?

Jeff is not married he has a girlfriend and he is 31 or 32 years old!!

When did Mary Aloysia Hardey die?

Mary Aloysia Hardey died in 1886.

When was Elliott Hardey born?

Elliott Hardey was born on 1932-01-03.

When was Mary Aloysia Hardey born?

Mary Aloysia Hardey was born in 1809.

Did Jeff hardy have any wife?

No Jeff has not been married before. He is still with long time girlfriend Beth Britt they have been together almost 10 years.

Is Jeff Hardy's girlfriend Beth Britt pregnant?

no because he is a man not a woman.

Is Jeff carter married?

Yes, Jeff Jarrett is married to Karen Jarrett (formerly Angle, née Smedley). The two married on August 21, 2010.