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Nick Joe or Kevin do NOT have a neopets account. So anyone under their name is a fake. Frankie Jonas has one neopets account. I'm not sure if he will accept anyone as his friend though. If you want to try his username is frankienjonas. I've never tried adding him. A little while ago I heard him say that was his neopets account though. So he might add you. But Nick Joe and Kevin don't have one. Hope that helped. =]

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Do the Jonas Brothers have a Facebook account?

Yes, the Jonas Brothers have a Facebook account.

Does Nick Jonas have a Neopets account?

No, it's never been known for a celebrity to play neopets.

Where can you find a Jonas Brothers layout for neopets?

i would type it in on google, someone has to have one

Do the Jonas Brothers have a ourWorld account?

Sadly, they do not have an Our world account

Can you be friends with the Jonas Brothers?

If you have a facebook account or a myspace account you can be friends with them

Will it cost anything to get an account with Jonas Brothers?

No it wont .

Does Jonas Brothers have a neo pets account?

of course not!

Do the Jonas brothers have a Twitter account?

They do. follow them @Jonasbrothers.

Do the Jonas brothers have a wiki answers account?

yes the Jonas have got wiki answers

Do the Jonas Brothers have a Fan email account If so what is it Thank you I'm not asking for their personal email addresses but their FAN mail account.?

A Jonas Brothers Fan E-mail account is unknown at this time.

Where can you find a Jonas brothers user lookup for Neopets?

Heyy! Try this website!

What is the name of joe jonas' stardoll account?

Yes He have a stardoll account Its : Joe.Jones.Ofi and The Jonas Brothers have a stardoll Too Its JoBrosRC

Do the Jonas brothers have an imeem account?

this is the official

How do you get on the Jonas Brothers live show?

go to there myspace they do live broadcast there, or u can go to and get an account and search Jonas brothers chat

How do you activate a Jonas brothers account?

Their web site and it cost money

Do Jonas brothers have a YouTube account?

Yes, it's

Does the Jonas brothers have a aim account?

No one knows, that is private information.

Does any of the Jonas brothers have a faceboook account?

no but nick has a fan page

Do the Jonas Brothers have more than one account on YouTube?


Jonas Brothers you tube account?

The Jonas Brothers official YouTube account username is "JonasBrothersMusic". The link is but it isn't clicky so sorry.

Do the Jonas Brothers have a mileyworld account?

yesi want the Jonas brothers to come to my bday partyi am turnin 11 pleeeeeeaze com i luv u joe!!!!!!Do the Jonas Brothers have a Mileyworld Acountdo you seriosley think they do?Their 16 18 and 21 why would they have a mileyworld account?Just use common sense.

How did the Jonas Brothers come up that name?

Their last name is Jonas and they are brothers... Jonas, Brothers, Jonas Brothers.

Can the Jonas Brothers send you a birthday present on your birthday?

If you apply for an account on, the Jonas Brothers fan site will send you a card on your birthday every year. That's what I did (:

In which ste in the internet can you find Jonas Brothers Burnin up free video?

The Jonas Brothers video for, "Burnin' up," is available on, directly from the brother's account.

Are Jonas Brothers brothers?

the jonas brothers are real brothers

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