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Does Jordan Cunningham like me for a girlfriend ..........

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Does Jordan richardson have a girlfriend?

yes, Jordan Richardson does have a girlfriend

Does Jordan jansen have a girlfriend?

If Jordan Jansen currently has a girlfriend, it is not public knowledge at this time.

Who is Craig Ferguson's girlfriend?

Megan Wallace Cunningham

Does Jordan Henderson has a girlfriend?


Does Jordan Staal have a girlfriend?

i think he does cuz during an interview with Marc and Eric Marc said both him and Jordan have a girlfriend

Have Jordan jansen ever had a girlfriend?

No, Jordan has never had a girlfriend. He admitted so on a youtube video. Whoever said he has, is lying.

Does jordan yates from purenrg have a girlfriend?


Does Jordan jansen like girls?

yes he does like girls he is not looking for a girlfriend but yes, he likes getting all the attention from girls :)

Who is Jordan witzigreuters girlfriend?

Katelyn Gentry

What about christopher drew kissing Jordan witzigreuters head?

there just really good friends... they dont like eachother in that way. Jordan has a girlfriend, and chris has been on and off with a girl.

What is a good last name for a boy named Jordan?

Jordan Taylor, Jordan McAllister, Jordan Young, Jordan Zito P.S Jordan sounds cute with a girlfriend or sister named Kate. Think about it, Jordan and Kate :)

Do chrisbrown have an girlfriend?

Yes. and he go with Jordan Sparks.

Is Michael Jordan girlfriend pregnant?

mine your business

What is Michael Jordan girlfriend name?

whats his crossover

Does aubrey Graham have a girlfriend?

Yes her name is Lauren Jordan

Who is Luke benwards girlfriend?

He is dating a girl named Jordan.

Who is Jordan witzigreuter's girlfriend?

His Girlfriend's name is Katelyn Gentry.

Who is Jordan Eberle's girlfriend?

His high school sweetheart from Calgary

Did Jordan witzigreuter dump his girlfriend?

No, he and Katelyn are still together! :)

Does tyga have a girlfriend in 2011?

Yes her name is Jordan Craig

Does Jordan Witzigreuter have a girlfriend?

Yes, he does have a girlfriend [Katelyn.. not sure what her last name is]. He has been in a relationship with her for about 6 years.

What actors and actresses appeared in Do You Have a Condom - 2009?

The cast of Do You Have a Condom - 2009 includes: Nancy Cunningham as Girlfriend

Why do you love Jack Cunningham?

Because I like him. He goes to my school. I LOOOVE YOU JACK!!! I love Jack Cunningham. He is MINE!

Does LaMarr Woodley have a girlfriend?

LaMarr Woodley is married to Jordan Vinson.

How can I impress Jordan Witzigreuter from The Ready Set?

He has a girlfriend, therefore you cannot "impress" him.

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