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No, Jesus was not a prophet according to Jews. Judaism doesn't discuss Jesus at all.

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Christians believe in Jesus as god or his sonMuslims believe in Jesus as a prophet called (Isa) and as one of the five greatest prophets (Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad)In Judaism, Jesus plays no role whatsoever in Judaism, at most he would be considered a false prophet.

Both religions come from Judaism, but the Muslims believe that Jesus isn't the Messiah, they believe he is a prophet, Chistians believe that Jesus is the Messiah, and that Muhamad is a false prophet.

No. Christmas is a Christian holiday. It is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, but Jews do not believe he was the Christ. They believe he was a prophet.

Judaism believes that Jesus was a regular human being, not divine and not a prophet.

Judaism does not accept that Jesus was a prophet.

No. Muslims do believe Jesus was a prophet, but not the last. Muslims believe Muhammad was the last prophet.

Islam teaches that Jesus was a prophet, but not divine. The Ba'hai faith believes that Jesus was a Manifestation of God, in the same way as the prophets of Judaism. Sikhism is another essentially abrahamic religion, but does not believe that Jesus was divine. Mandaeans follow John the Baptist and believe that Jesus was a false messiah.

That he was not really the son of God, just a prophet.Answer:According to traditional Judaism, Jesus is viewed as a regular human being. Not a prophet either; because according to Judaism, prophecy ended three centuries before his time.

They don't. Christmas is a Christian holiday. It is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, but Jews do not believe he was the Christ. They believe he was a prophet.

Judaism does not believe Jesus is the son of god or the messiah. Islam believes in Jesus, just that he is not the son of God but a prophet like Muhammad.

Christianity came from Judaism. Jesus was actually a Jew. Jews believe in the first half of the bible, but not the second half. They believe Jesus was a prophet, not the son of God.

Neither Jesus nor his reported teachings hold any unique position in Judaism.

Islam believes Jesus is a messiah and prophet but not divine. Jesus and his message in John said a comforter will come in john 14-16. In Islam they believe the comforter is Prophet Muhammad ( a messenger after Jesus). In old text of Bible in Hebrew mentions a name sound like Muhammad (mahammadim). In Judaism, Jesus has no importance and no role.

it is Abraham and he was not a prophet, he was a righteous and pious man that was a believer in the same god that Jews believe in. not Allah(Arab god) or Jesus but rather jehova

The Jews believe that Jesus was a false messiah.

Judaism and Islam reject the claim of Jesus having been the son of God. Other information Islam believes Jesus to be a prophet. Judaism, Islam and Christianity recognise all of the same prophets prior to the time of Jesus. Christians believe Jesus Christ to be the Messiah and like Judaism, rejects Muhammad as a fraudulent false prophet. Judaism and Islam recognize many of the same prophets and Islam holds Christ to be only a prophet, not the son of God, whereas Christianity is based on Jesus being the Christ of God.

No. Reform Judaism does not believe in Jesus. Individual Jews have varying opinions about Jesus, but he is not part of the religion at all.

Yes. According to the Muslim belief, Islam is the continuation of Judaism and Christianity. The Muslims believe in all the Prophets (May peace be upon them all). Islam and Judaism both spring from Hazrat Abraham (AS) and his descendant Prophets. The Jews don't believe Jesus Christ (AS) to be a Prophet but the Muslims believe that he was a true Prophet of Almighty God. The Jews don't believe in the last Prophet of Islam Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) but the Muslims believe in all the Prophets the Jews believe in.

Judaism makes no comment on Jesus as he is a part of Christianity and plays no role in Judaism.

Muslims believe in the messiah Jesus and believe in his second coming. They also believe Mary was a virgin and Jesus was a blessed birth from his Virgin mother Mary.Aside from Islam considering Jesus to be a prophet, other key differences between Islam and Judaism are the Muslim belief in the existence of the devil, hell, and damnation, none of which exist in the teachings of Judaism.I'm no expert but i believe its because Islam is mostly centered around the prophet Mohamed. Both Judaism and Christianity argue that God did not give a special, final revelation to Muhammad.Judaism - worship only one God but Jesus is not the messenger. Reject him.Christianity - Jesus is not only the messenger but he actually is God. Worship JesusIslam - worship only one God and accept Jesus as the messenger of that God but don't confuse the messenger with God.

Of course, Muslims believe that Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the God prophet who came after prophet Jesus (or Eissa) peace be upon him. They believe that prophet Muhammad is God prophet and messenger; who followed Jesus; to convey to all people the God revelation of Qur'an that was revealed to him by Allah (or God in English and same God worshiped in Judaism and Christianity) through the angel Jibril (or Gabriel). Refer to related questions below on why Qur'an was revealed and the proofs on the Qur'an divinity.

You need to be clearer about what you mean by 'believe in'. Muslims have immense respect for Jesus as a prophet, and Jesus is mentioned in the Koran. So does this mean they 'believe' in him? They do as a prophet, yes. But they do not believe in the deity of Christ as do most Christians.

Christians believe Jesus was the Jewish Messiah and the son of God, therefore he is the center of their beliefs. Muslims believe Jesus was a great and wise prophet, but not divine and not as important as their main prophet, Muhammad. Both recognize Judaism as the root of their respective religions.

Jews do not think that Jesus is a prophet, he plays no role whatsoever in Judaism.

Christians believe in Jesus as God or son of God. Some Christians believe in Jesus as prophet. However, Jews don't believe in Jesus as prophet, or God, or son of God.

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