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Jupiter has more rings

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Neptune has rings and 13 known moons. Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus all have rings and more than 18 known moons.

Jupiter and Saturn both have more than 23 moons and they both have rings, although Saturn's rings are the most prominent.

Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune all have rings. All of these except Neptune have more than 18 known moons.

Jupiter has 67 known moons, although 17 of them are awaiting official names. More are discovered with every space probe we send there. It is likely that there are more not yet identified. The most recent are extremely small. As with the icy moonlets in Saturn's rings, there are millions of small objects orbiting the planet, some as part of Jupiter's own rings.63 moonsJupiter has 63 known moons. But 4 main moons, the largest of the 63.

Jupiter has more moons than Saturn if you don't count the rings, but they both have strong gravity, so they were able to pull in more moons.

Jupiter has more moons than Saturn.

No, Saturn is known to have more moons than Jupiter, though most of these are tiny moonlets orbiting in Saturn's rings.

None no planets have more moons than jupiter and jupiter has atleast 63 moons more than any other planet

Jupiter has 63 moons.Saturn 62 moons with confirmed orbit's. I think Saturn has more moons as they are more moons yet to be found.

Jupiter has 63 moons and uranus has 27 or more

Saturn has more rings than Jupiter.

No. Pluto has 5 moons. Jupiter has 63 confirmed moons as of 2017.

The planet with the most moons in our solar system is Jupiter. It has 63 confirmed moons.

Jupiter has 63 Moons, Mars has two.

yes neptune has 8 moons and jupiter has 3!

I think your teacher needs to update his/her question book. Both Jupiter and Saturn have more than 30 moons and have rings made of ice. However, Saturn is the answer they are looking for.

Jupiter doesn't have any rings, and Saturn has 2 rings.

Jupiter does. It has 63 and Saturn has, as of 4th May 2005, 46 known moons.

Yes, Jupiter has many moons! We are discovering more and more to this day :)

There are no moons in Jupiter. Jupiter does have 63 confirmed that are in a stable orbit around the planet though. There could well be more than this though, which have yet to be discovered.Jupiter have 64 moons.

These are the Galilean moons, the four moons of Jupiter discovered by Galileo Galilei in 1610. They are the four largest moons of Jupiter, but there are many more besides these. They are called Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto.

No, both Jupiter and Saturn have more moons.

Jupiter. it has more than 60 moons.

Several planets have more moons than Earth including Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Jupiter has 67 moons, Saturn has 62.

Jupiter has the most moons in the Solar System; 63 moons.