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Does Jupiter have more rings than Saturn?


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Saturn has more rings than Jupiter.

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Saturn has massive rings where Jupiter's rings are much smaller. Saturn is also much smaller in size than Jupiter. Saturn is also farther away from the Sun than Jupiter. Saturn also has a different color to it than Jupiter does. Jupiter has the distinguishing feature of a large read storm while Saturn is more plain and uniform in appearance; a sort of yellow, brown mixture.

no, it only has 1 while saturn has many more

Saturn has a diameter of 120,034 km, and Jupiter has a diameter of 142,740 km Jupiter is bigger than Saturn. Saturn looks bigger because of its rings, but Jupiter is way bigger

No, Saturn is known to have more moons than Jupiter, though most of these are tiny moonlets orbiting in Saturn's rings.

Yes, Saturn has many more rings than Jupiter. Jupiter only has 4 rings. Saturn's rings, however, have not bee officially counted. There are seven groups of rings. There are four main groups and three fainter groups. Inside every group there is an unknown number of rings orbiting the planet. There are many theories of the number of Saturn's rings, ranging from 30 to under 1,000. It's believed that the rings of Saturn are caused by a moon which lost its icy shell as it orbited the planet, getting closer to it, eventually crashing into Saturn.

Jupiter and Saturn both have more than 23 moons and they both have rings, although Saturn's rings are the most prominent.

No Saturn has LESS than 1,000 rings

Jupiter has more moons than Saturn.

Jupiter is bigger than Saturn. Saturn's rings extend far out, but these don't really count as part of the planet. It only appears that Saturn might be larger as it is closer to Earth than Jupiter.

Neptune has rings and 13 known moons. Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus all have rings and more than 18 known moons.

Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune have rings and we do not know precisely how they form (there is more than one possible mechanism)

Yes, Saturn has more than 5 rings. In fact, it has seven

Saturn has more than eleven rings.

All the gas planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune) have rings. So does Rhea, a moon of Saturn. No other planets are known to have rings.

The extra mass of Jupiter compresses its interior to a greater extent than that of Saturn.

Saturn has MORE than two but no other planet has just two. Jupiter has one and Uranus has one.

im pretty sure that saturn has more than 11 rings

Jupiter has more moons than Saturn if you don't count the rings, but they both have strong gravity, so they were able to pull in more moons.

A person weighs more on Jupiter than on Saturn because of greater gravitational attraction of Jupiter on objects towards it's center.

Saturn is less dense than Jupiter because Jupiter has more mass. The more mass there is the more gravitational pull a planet possesses which attracts more solid materials.

In our solar system four gas giants have moons and rings they are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune.Jupiter: It has 4 rings and 64 moonsSaturn: It has 30 rings [7 groups] and 62 moonsUranus:It has 13 rings and 27 moonsNeptune:It has 5 rings and 14 moons

Saturn has more moons than Venus. Saturn is second to Jupiter.

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