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What planet has 2 rings?

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Saturn has MORE than two but no other planet has just two. Jupiter has one and Uranus has one.

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Which planet other planet has rings?

Neptune has 2 thin rings and 2 thick rings. Saturn has 1000+ rings. Jupiter has one thin ring. Uranus has 13 rings.

What planet have 2 ring?

No planets have 2 rings.......but, Jupiter has 4 rings

Does Ceres the planet have rings?

Ceres is not a planet, it is a dwarf planet. and no it does not have rings.

What planet has four rings?

no planet has four rings.

What is the planet with no rings?

Earth is the planet with no rings and is the planet with all the pepole living on it.

Which planet has huge rings?

Saturn is the planet with the largest rings.

What planet is a gas planet and has bright rings?

Saturn is a gas planet that has bright rings.

What are some Slogans for the planet Saturn?

like ring got them hereplanet with the ringsrings w/ the planetrocken rings

How many rings in planet earth?

There are no rings around planet Earth. The most visible rings around any planet are of Saturn..

Which planet has the most rings?

Saturn is the planet with the most rings.

Does your planet have rings?

Earth does not have rings.

Is Venus the only planet that has no rings?

No, four planet has no rings they are inner planets

What is the Planet that has eleven faint rings?

The planet that has 12 faint rings is Uranus.

What is the first planet known to have rings?

Saturn was the first planet discovered to have rings.

Which planet has the least rings?

The planet Neptune with only 6 dark rings.

What planet is so famous for its rings?

Saturn is the most famous planet with rings.

How many rings of planet Mars?

rings surrounding planet mars? NONE.

Which planet is encircled by a series of rings?

Saturn is the planet which is encircled by a series of rings.

What huge planet with large rings and icy rocks?

There is no planet with large rings and icy rocks. Saturn has rings, but it is not a rocky planet - it is a gas giant.

What planet has the most visible rings?

Saturn is the planet with the most visible rings. Saturn's rings are one of the most iconic symbols of astronomy.Saturn is the planet in our solar system that is famous for the rings.

A giant planet with rings?

Saturn is the planet that most people think of when they think of a giant planet with rings. Other planets have rings, some of which are very faint. Uranus, Jupiter, and Neptune have rings.

Does the planet Mars have rings?

Mars does not have rings.

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