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Justin Bieber probably does not care as long as you have a great personality very nice has a pretty smile and as long a you don't spit in front of him

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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 23:39:36
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Q: Does Justin bieber like girls who spit?
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Did Justin Bieber throw up on silent library?

no he didnt...he spit out what was in his mouth

Is it true that Justin Bieber spit on his fans?

No. TMZ photoshopped it. He would never do that. He did spit on the bush but not on his fans. TMZ admitted to lying.

Did Justin Bieber spit on his fans?

He spit down from a balcony, and his fans were below. There's no way to prove if it hit them or not, but it was rude and gross nonetheless.

How do you get past Ronald McDonald in the Justin Bieber Saw Game?

spit the ball through the straw

Why has Justin bieber spit on his neighbors face?

Becouse he is so so rude , he thinks that he can do anything he wants

Did Justin Bieber have anger problems?

Yes, Justin Bieber does have anger problem because he was spitting at someone. This is the link of Justin anger problem:

Do girls like to swallow it or spit it out?

Majority do not swallow.

Did justin bieber spit on a homeless man?

I don't think so. He did flip-off a photographer though, so I guess it's possible.

Did Justin bieber eat his throwup?

Well, not really. He didn't actually throw it up, he just spit it out. Then he ate it, so yes I guess he did. It was on Silent Library, MTV's show. But he did spit out and the challenge wasn't going good, as you can probably tell.

Do girls usually swallow or spit?


How do i say i love you to a girl i am deeply in love with?

Just spit it out and dont go around the bush. Girls dont like that.

Why girls spit on your penis when sucking it?

Just more pleasure.

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