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Katy Perry's Skype username is private. Answers.com does not divulge personal information.
I am sure that Katy Perry does have Skype account. The only way you would be able to get her info would be to be a friend of hers.

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Does Katy Perry have a Skype account?

Well, no one knows for sure if Katy Perry has a Skype account. The thing is if you look for Katy Perry in Skype, you'll find tons of people with same username. They claim to be Katy Perry. So no one knows if the person is real Katy Perry or not. Let's face it, there's a great change Katy Perry won't have Skype account because there will be so many people trying to chat/call/video call her.

What is Katy Perry Skype?

hi! its dude! i m realy fan of Katy perry ! i love her song firework! MY SKYPE NAME IS: spidy.zno im online daily add m3! im boy! obvsly! :D

Is Katy Perry related to Steve Perry?

no Katy perry is not related to Steve perry

Is Katy Perry sisters to Suzi Perry?

No, Katy Perry is not sisters to Suzi Perry. It is just that Suzi Perry has the same sure name a Katy Perry. Katy Perry does not have any sisters but only has a brother named James Perry.

Katy Perry lesbian?

No Katy Perry is not homosexual.

What Katy perry do?

Katy Perry does singing/songwriting

Is Katy Perry Caucasian?

Yes, Katy Perry is Caucasian.

Is Katy Perry American?

Yes, Katy Perry is American.

Is Katy Perry pop?

Katy perry is pop rock

Is Katy Perry alto or soprano?

Katy Perry is an alto.

Is there a biography on Katy Perry?

biographe Katy perry non

Is Katy Perry a Scorpio?

yes, katy perry is a scorpio

Is Katy Perry from a tv series?

No, Katy Perry is a singer.

Is Katy Perry a ghost?

Katy Perry is still alive.

Does Katy Perry have Habbo?

Katy Perry does not have a Habbo account.

How did Katy Perry meet her band?

Katy Perry does not have a band silly goose.... otherwise it would not just be Katy perry it would be Katy perry and something stupid like "the scene"

Who is better Lady Gaga or Katy Perry?

Katy perry! love her i like lady gaga but Katy perry is the best x

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