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They like eachother its just that, Chris Brown beated on Rihanna and her and keri hilson hardly ever talks.

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Who's taller ciara Rihanna or keri hilson?

Rihanna and Keri Hilson are 5'9 and Ciara is 5'8.

Does Kanye West like Rihanna and Keri Hilson?

yes he us to like love on Keri Helson

Does keri hilson hate Rihanna?

no she just don't like her that much

Who doesn't Keri Hilson like?

Keri Hilson does not like................just kidding keri hilson likes all of her fans and her famous celebs. Only she knows who she dislikes.

Is Keri Hilson mixed?

No, Keri Hilson is not mixed.

Who is dating Keri Hilson?

Keri Hilson is single.

Is Keri Hilson a lesbian?

No, Keri Hilson is straight.

What are Keri Hilson's name?

"miss keri baby", "miss keri' , "keri Lynn hilson", "keri hilson"

When was I Like - Keri Hilson song - created?

I Like - Keri Hilson song - was created on 2009-12-11.

Does T.I. like Keri Hilson?

No, because TI doesn't really know Keri Hilson yet.

Is Keri Hilson from Indiana?

Keri Hilson is from Decatur, Georgia.

What country is Keri Hilson from?

Keri Hilson is from the United States.

Is Keri Hilson a boy or a girl?

Keri Hilson is a girl.

What is the birth name of Keri Hilson?

Keri Hilson's birth name is Keri Lynn Hilson.

Where was keri hilson born at?

keri hilson was born in decatur, georgia

What year was keri hilson born?

Keri Hilson was born in 1982.

Where does Keri Hilson live?

Keri Hilson lives in Decatur, Georgia.

Is Keri Hilson single?

Keri HilsonNo, she is not. She has a boyfriend and his name is Tay.

Is Keri Hilson related to Monica?

No, Keri Hilson and Monica are not related.

Is keri hilson is better then Rihanna?

This is a personal opinion, since there is no right or wrong answer here. I don't know either Keri nor Rihanna personally.SO the one who more successful is Rihanna.Rihanna has more hits and she in the media eye all the time and besides Rihanna is a trend setter.keri hilson to me wants to be like Rihanna.She copys Rihanna style and personaly i would like her if she be's herself.She should stop copy off of rihanna and do her own thing.But i love of thy girls music.

Does Keri Hilson have kids?

yes keri hilson does have a kid his name is jayden

When was Keri Hilson born?

Keri Hilson was born on December 5, 1982.

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