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M3i Zero Compatible with 3DS, DS , DSl, DSi, DSi XL/LL.

Latest M3i Zero firmware GMP-Z003 updated on August 26th, it support Nintendo 3DS V2.1.0-4U/E and DSi V1.4.3 now.


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It will fit, but it will not work on the Nintendo 3DS

The old 'Nintendo Points' cards are for Wii and DSi only. Only the newest cards, which have Wii, DSi and 3DS on them, can be redeemed in th 3DS eShop.

The memory cards are the same, but no, you can't fit a 3DS game into a DSi, it is specially made to not fit, as a DSi cannot run a 3DS game anyway.

No. 3DS game cards have a small tab on the side, so they don't fit into the Nintendo DS or the Nintendo DSi. Even without the tab, 3DS game cards will have much more data and better graphics on them than DS cards. The technology is too advanced for the Nintendo DS and DSi so the other DS systems would not be able to run them.

The 3ds Is 3d And the dsi isent and ther are games you can play on 3ds you cant on dsi

yes you can use it on nintendo 3DS only if it say you can use it on nintendo 3ds this website is one of ones can use in on nintendo 3ds and nintendo 3ds xl as well with nintendo dsi, nintendo dsi xl, nintendo ds you can buy it from this website.

You can play Nintendo DSi games on the 3DS, but the images won't be in 3D.

Nintendo 3DS release for some days now, and there are many flash cards can break 3DS well, such as M3i zero, acekard 2i , R4i 3DS, supercard dstwo,i will recommend you M3i zero, it is one of the old and best card, and it is updateable, and will never blocked by Nintendo.There are many 3DS card in the market currently. such as 3DS card, R4i 3DS, R4iTT 3DS, R4i SDHC 3DS, R4 3DS, Acekard 3, M3i Zero and so on. All of them can run DSi games on Nintendo 3DS.

No, the 3DS does not have the DSi chat room

No. The Nintendo 3DS XL is slightly smaller than the Nintendo DSi XL

You can't trade JUST you DSi system in for a 3DS system anywhere.

Yes, the Nintendo 3DS (as well as the 3DS XL and 2dS) has its own 3DS games that will not work for the Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS Lite, Nintendo DSi, and Nintendo DSi XL.

No, 3DS games can only be played on a 3DS.

The Nintendo DSI, DSI XL, 3DS, 3DS XL, New 3DS, New 3DS XL, and 2DS all take pictures

No. A DSI cant use a 3DS charger.

If they were specially designed for the 3DS, no. There is a small tab jutting out of the side of 3DS games making them unplayable on a DSi. Even if you could fit the cards into a DSi, they would not work because they use 3D technology the DSi cannot utilize. DSi games will be playable on the 3DS though.

The Nintendo 3DS will be able to play Nintendo DS and DSi games but games published for the Nintendo 3DS will not be compatible with those systems.

No, the Nintendo 3DS XL is slightly smaller than the DSi XL

No, the 3DS XL is slightly smaller than the DSi XL

3DS games can only be played on the Nintendo 3DS(XL) and 2DS. Therefore, Nintendo DS and DSi cannot play 3DS games

3DS, DSi and DSi XL use regular 'SD' memory cards. The DS, either original or lite, do not use memory cards.

the Nintendo that has the camera is the Nintendo 3ds or Nintendo dsi

No, but you can trade in your old DSi for credit toward a 3DS. So if you trade it in, you'll save 50-100 dollars on your 3DS.

Yes, the Nintendo 3DS will play NDS and NDSi games

Nintendo ds, ds light, dsi, dsi XL and the 3ds

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