Does Matt henton work for Sony BMG?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: Does Matt henton work for Sony BMG?
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When did Sony BMG end?

Sony BMG ended in 2008.

When was Sony BMG created?

Sony BMG was created on 2004-03-03.

Who is jls mananger?

Sony BMG are JLS' Manager

What are Sony BMG's competitors?

Top Sony BMG competitors are: Capitol Records Nashville Rounder Records Corp. (Burlington, Alabama) Universal Music Group Nashville

Where are the headquarters of Sony BMG?

Sony BMG has headquarters located in New York City. Sony is a recorded music company which is located in 43 different companies and includes the executives Doug Morris and Kevin Kelleher.

What musicians does Sony BMG represent?

Sony BMG represents many musicians. Some artists that BMG represents are Alicia Keys, Adele, Bob Dylan, Ciara, Cyndi Lauper, Dixie Chicks, Jordan Sparks and Jessica Simpson.

What year was BMG Music created?

Surprisingly, it was created in March of 2004. It was created between 2 companies: Sony and Bertelsmann Music Group and goes by the name Sony BMG Music Entertainment.

What country is rolf schmidt-holtz ceo of sony bmg from?


What was the net worth of Sony BMG Music in 2009?

The net worth of Sony BMG Music in 2009 was not released. However, stock holders should be given that information under the sarbane-oxley act, which forces companies to release the info.

Owner of sony Bmg music?

Well there is a guy in Mcarthur Ohio that claims he is part owner of BMG and he wrote "Hit me baby one more time" by Britney Spears.

Is low on now 27?

Low does not appear on 'Now That's What I Call Music! 27.' The album came out in 2008 on Sony BMG.

What is Elvis's label?

i am assuming that you are referring to Elvis Presley's record label. IF so, it is currently SONY/BMG. Elvis first started at Sun and then moved to RCA