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Hourl employees do no receive group health insurance. However, management and supervisors, depending on their rank, can sometimes receive health insurance.

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Q: Does McDonalds provide group health insurance to its employees?
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Does Target provide health insurance for their employees?


Does your employer have to provide you health insurance?

Employers only have to provide health insurance if they meet certain legal requirements. A business must have a certain number of full-time employees for it to be required to provide insurance for health coverage.

What are the formalities to provide health insurance to employees by a newly started business?

When you provide health insurance for your employees you have to make sure that you are meeting the legal requirements of the law. The best way to ensure you are is by purchasing a plan from a major insurance company in your state.

Who provides the best business health service for my employees?

Most of your employees will want to choose their own health care, unless the insurance you provide doesn't allow them to. In that case the insurance will decide where they go.

Can a business provide insurance for part time employees?

Absolutely. In fact, a great way to attract employees is to provide a benefits package that can include health and life insurance. The employer may generally require the participating employees to contribute to the premiums.

What companies provide health insurance to state employees in Illinois?

A couple of the companies that provide health insurance to state employees are BlurCross BlueShield: BCBS HMO Illinois and BCBS Blue Advantage. Healthlink and Personla Care are two other companies that will be getting contracts.

What is the primary reason for employers to purchase insurance plans to provide health benefits to their employees?

To remain competitive with other employers for good employees.

Can an employer offer health insurance to some and not others?

An employer in Texas that has 50 or fewer employees, must offer health insurance to all employees. If the employer has more than 50 employees, he can offer health insurance to a "class" of employees and not another. For example; the employer may offer health insurance to all employees classified as management, and not offer insurance to employees in other classifications.

Do you have to give health insurance to employees?


Can employers pick and choose who to give health insurance?

Businesses with less than 50 employees are not obligated to provide health insurance; so in this instance, employers can pick and choose if they wish. Businesses with more than 50 employees are obligated to provide insurance. If they do not, a penalty must be paid for every employee in the company.

Legally do small businesses have to offer health insurance benefits to their employees?

A small business does not have to provide insurance to employees. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for small businesses to pool the financial resources needed to offer quality insurance.

Can an employer in the State of Michigan provide health insurance for only certain employees and deny others?

There are no state or federal laws that require your employer to offer health insurance. They can decide to offer plans to full time employees only. They can decide to offer to salaried employees only.

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