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Does Mello die in Death Note?

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yes Mello Dies sorry i no but i didnt want Matt to die and he dose :'(

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When does mello die in death note?

Mello dies during episode 35 and chapter 99 of volume 12 in the Death Note series.

Which episode of Death Note does Mello die in?

Mello dies in episode 35, "Malice" ("Satsui").

How did Mello die in the anime Death Note?

His name was written in Takada's slip of Death Note paper.

Death Note how old is mello?

When Mello first appears in the Death Note series, he is 14 (almost 15) and 20 at death.

Is mello from death note a boy or girl?

Mello is a guy

Which volume of Death Note does Mello die in?

In number 12 (the last one)

In Death note does the the character named M die?

If you're talking about Mello then yes he does.

What episode of Death Note do we meet Mello?

Mello comes in Episode 27.

Does Mello from Death Note believe in God?

There is no indication that Mello does or does not believe in God unless it is that of a Shinigami .

How does mello die?

Mello captures Takada and basically strips her naked to see if any pieces of the Death Note were on her. Takada had a piece of paper that was from the Death Note, and took it out as her back was faced to Mello (It was in her Bra). After Mello saw everything was off, he drove away with Takada in a truck. Takada sits in the back of the truck,panicks, and decides to write his name down in the piece of paper from the notebook. He then dies.

When does mello come into death note?

Mello comes into Death Note in Chapter 60, in Volume 7, after L's death. He and Near are the two possible successors to L, but Mello refuses to work with Near and decides to go after Kira on his own, kidnapping Sayu, Light's younger sister.

What episode of death note does mello apear?

In epoisode 27: Abduction

Why mello from death note eats a lot of chocolate?

He has a sweet tooth!

Who is Mello in Death Note?

He is one of L's successors, the elder out of him and Near

Why mello from death note eat chocolate?

He has a sweet tooth, that's why.

Who is the voice of Mello from Death Note?

In the Japanese version, Mello is voiced by Nozomu Sasaki. In the English dub, he is voiced by David Hurwitz.

Did Near use the Death Note?

No, only Light Yagami, Mello (Mihael Keehl), Misa Amane, Teru Mikami, Kyomi Takada (When she kills Mello),Kyosuke Higuchi, Ryuk, Sidoh, and Rem use the Death Note. Near has nothing to do with the Death Note except to study it.

What episode of death note do Matt and Mello kiss?

They do not kiss in the manga/anime.

When was mellow from Death Note born?

*mello* was born 12/13/1989

Pictures of mello froem death note?

Type in mello pictures and you will probably get a lot of sites. But go to and type in mello. Trust me, it will long as you are not on a school computer.

How did mello die?

Mello died of a heart attack. Kiyomi takada wrote his name on a piece of the desth note she had hidden on her. =(

Does mello die?

yes he does. Kiyomi Takada ends up writing his name in the death note while she is in the back of the truck that he stole while kidnapping her.

Which theme song is playing while Mello is talking to Near in episode 30 of Death Note?

It's Taiji from Death Note OST III

Matt and Mello?

They are characters from a smash hit anime series known as "Death Note".

Does Mello and Near ever show up in Death Note 2?

Nope, sorry!

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