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No, Omer is not Michael's son and Blanket's mother was anonymous surrogate.

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Q: Does Michael Jackson's sons Omer and Blanket have the same mother?
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Did Michael Jackson have a secret son who was named omer bhatti?

No, his will clearly states Prince, Paris and Blanket are the children he had there are no others living or deceased, Omer was just a friend.

Is Michael Jackson's secret son really his?

No, Omer has even said Michael was not his dad, just a friend and mentor, Michael's will also declares his only children are Prince, Paris and Blanket, if Omer was his son he would be included because Michael wouldn't have wanted to leave one of his kids with nothing.

Are Omer Bhatti and Blanket Jackson related?

There is no proof that they are related.

Is omer bhatti Michael Jackson's son?

Unless a DNA is done people won't be satisfied, even though Omer has said Michael was like a dad but not his actual father, plus you just have to look at his will to see that Michael declared Prince, Paris and Blanket as his only children, he has no others alive or deceased.

Does omer bhatti have Facebook?

Yes he has. His facebook is Omer MIchael J Bhatti. He also has a fanpage on facebook called Omer Bhatti.

Did Michael Jackson ever have a kid named omer?

No. Neither of his sons (or his daughter) is named Omer.

What is Michael Jackson's secret son's name?

The guy's name is Omer Bhatti and he isn't Michael's son, he said he was like a father to him, he is not his actual dad.In his will it's quite clear Prince, Paris and Blanket are the only children he had.

What is omer bhatti?

Omer bhatti is Norwegian, Palestinian, black because his father (Michael Jackson) is black!!;))

Do you think that Michael Jackson is really the father of Omer Bhatti why or why not?

No, for a start Michael was very proud of his children, if Omer was his he would have "claimed" as his son, and the comparison pictures they are all of Michael after he had surgery and the vitiligo had taken hold, look at pictures of him before all of that and him and Omer look nothing like each other. Besides Omer said Michael was like a dad to him and not his actual father.

Who was the assumed son of Michael Jackson?

The name of Michael Jackson's assumed son was Omer Bhatti.

Did omer bhatti dance in Michael Jackson videos?

No, he's never been in any of Michael's videos.

What is the name of the 26 year old that claims to be michael's son?

Omer Bahtti.

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