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Obviously Michael knew he could sing, that's why he was so famous.


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i think that Michael Jackson did for a living is sing and give to our community

Michael Jackson did not learn how to sing, it was a gift.

I think he started sing when his brothers started the Jackson 5

Michael Jackson can sing so well because he is talented. Since he had talent, he can sing

Michael Jackson used to sing with his family band "The Jackson Five". He also has many solo albums.

No one can sing exactly like Michael Jackson. He was, in my opinion, the best singer there will ever be! Some Michael Jackson impersonators can sing close to his voice but none can sing the same as he did! Rest In Peace Michael Jackson we love you!

Michael Jackson has tenor, Janet has soprano.

Michael Jackson learned how to sing and dance

In my opinion his father was very greedy and when he heard Michael sing he knew that Michael was good and he will make a lot of money off of him so, he forced Michael to sing the lead to the Jackson 5.

in many places. all around the globewell i think he didnt perform in Africa

No Michael Jackson was not a Muslim and he didn't sing any Muslim songs, Islam In My Veins is by Irfan Makki.

Most people beleive that Michael did it alone, but he actually sang it with his brothers.

Michael Jackson is dead. He therefore does not think.

because he could do it well.

no, Michael Jackson did.

no no no no no no! Michael did.

Michael Jackson has sang over 740 songs in his career ( lifetime ).

yes on the Michael jackson movie he sung billiejean .

he didn't sing the original song but he did a version of it when he was in the Jackson 5

Michael Jackson inspired him to sing and dance

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