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No one can sing exactly like Michael Jackson. He was, in my opinion, the best singer there will ever be! Some Michael Jackson impersonators can sing close to his voice but none can sing the same as he did! Rest In Peace Michael Jackson we love you!

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Q: Who sings like Michael Jackson?
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austn brown

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Michael Jackson!

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Michael Jackson obviously.

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Janet Jackson.

Who sings like Michael Jackson in hold my hand ft. Akon?

It's Michael singing, not someone who sounds like him.

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Michael Jackson

Does miley curys like Michael Jackson?

Yes she does, she sings songs of Michael Jackson and in "Party in the USA" she sang on stage: "and the MICHAEL song was on, and the Michael song was on!" and she made the same gesture.

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Michael Jackson

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michael jackson

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Michael Jackson.

What did Michael Jackson like to do at Thanksgiving?

He does what a normal family would do only while he is doing it he sings.

Is Zain Bhikha Michael Jackson?

No, they are two completely different people, Zain just sounds a bit like Michael when he sings.