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Does Missouri have radiation?

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Radiation is energy in transit in the form of high speed particles and electromagnetic waves. We encounter electtromagnetic waves every day. They make up our visible light, radio and television waves, ultra violet (UV), and microwaves with a large spectrum of energies. So radiation is everywhere.

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Is alpha radiation a ionization radiation?

Yes, alpha radiation is an ionizing radiation.

What sort of radiation absorbs or reflect radiation?

Radiation does not absorb or reflect radiation.

What has the longest wavelength ultraviolent radiation gamma radiation visible radiation infrared radiation?

infrared radiation is the longest.

How does gamma radiation differ from alpha and beta radiation?

Gamma radiation is electromagnetic radiation, whereas alpha and beta radiation are forms of particulate radiation.

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Is a toaster conduction convection or radiation?


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What are the type of ionizing radiation?

alpha particle radiationbeta particle radiationUVB electromagnetic radiationX-ray electromagnetic radiationgamma electromagnetic radiation

What are the names of 2 types of ionising radiation?

Gamma radiation, beta radiation, alpha radiation, x-ray, and neutron radiation.

Would you classify radiation as ionizing radiation?

Yes, but there are a number of radiation besides ionizing radiation.

What is another name for Acute Radiation Syndrome?

radiation poisoning, radiation sickness or radiation toxicity

Is heat radiation called infrared radiation?

yes, heat radiation is called infrared radiation

Three types of radiation?

Alpha, Beta, Gamma and cosmic are all examples of radiation.Types of radiation could be:Ionizing radiationElectromagnetic radiationInfra red radiation

What is the difference of alpha beta and gamma radiation?

Alpha radiation: corpuscular radiation, helium atoms Beta radiation: electrons Gamma radiation: electromagnetic radiation of high energy

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