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Naruto does not combine the sage mode with the Kyuubi`s eye because when naruto went through the sage mode, he turns little bit into a frog. You should read more Naruto Shippuuden manga chapters.

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Q: Does Naruto combine the sage mode with the kyuubi's eyes?
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Why is naruto eyes yellow when he fights pain?

Because hes in Sage mode.

Can naruto beat itachi in sage mode?

yes, but if you think about itachis eyes there equal

How do you get Naruto flash mode in Naruto generations?

Beat the story mode

Is Naruto sage mode in Naruto shippuden clash of ninja revolution 3?

no but there is a naruto setting when he learns to use the sage mode

Who is stronger sage Naruto or itachi?

itachi is better than naruto without sage mode but with sage mode naruto is stronger and faster

Is naruto blue eye have any eye technique?

Naruto has no 'eye technique' like the sharingan or any other. Although his eyes do change when he goes into Sage mode in the more recent Shippuuden series.

Who wins pain or Naruto?

naruto because hes in sage mode (sage mode is when u become 10 times stronger)

Were do you find arcade mode naruto ninja destiny?

Arcade mode is survival mode

How do you get arcade mode in Naruto ninja destiny?

beat story mode

What is arcade mode in Naruto ninja destiny for Nintendo ds?

it is the quest mode beat all of them to unlock a rasenshuriken . Also do jiraya's and naruto's quest mode to unlock minato.

Is Jaraya stronger than Naruto?

Before Naruto could master Sage Mode, JIraiya was stronger than Naruto. Now that Naruto mastered Sage Mode and controlled Kurama, he is now stronger than Jiraiya.

How can you get fire Naruto on Naruto clash of ninja 1 for GameCube?

"fire naruto" is called Kyuubi Naruto and to unlock him do the following: * Unlock Rock Lee by completing story mode and defeat him * Complete the game twice with every character in 1-player mode. To play as Kyuubi Naruto after unlocking him press X or Z during the character selection mode when the cursor is over Naruto.