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Before Naruto could master Sage Mode, JIraiya was stronger than Naruto. Now that Naruto mastered Sage Mode and controlled Kurama, he is now stronger than Jiraiya.

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Q: Is Jaraya stronger than Naruto
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Do you believe that Naruto is stronger than Luffy?

no luffy is stronger overall

Is ness from earthbound stronger than naruto?

no he s not

What happens in th last episode of Naruto Shippuden?

there is no last episode of naruto shippuden. the last chapter realised is about naruto fighting pain from akatsuke. he has mastered sage mode and is now more powerful then jaraya. pretty cool.

Who is stronger pain or Naruto?

naruto, obviously

Naruto shippuden is the nine tails stronger than the eight tails?


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Is naruto stronger than orchimaru?

Yes. Because orochimaru was weaker than sasake and naruto is stronger than sasuke.

Is Uchiha Sasuke Stronger the Uzamaki Naruto?

Naruto is indeed stronger than sasuke

Who is stronger Naruto or Gaara?

Naruto is stronger than gaara in naruto shipudden.

Is saske storger than Naruto?

no, sasuke is not stronger than naruto. because of the nine-tailed fox, naruto has more chakra, and is therefore stronger. sasuke can be stronger than naruto, but he is too bent on revenge, naruto can kick sasuke's bottom any day of the week

Who is stronger sage Naruto or itachi?

itachi is better than naruto without sage mode but with sage mode naruto is stronger and faster

Who is stronger Sasuke or Naruto in Naruto shippuuden?

Naruto is stronger then Sasuke because in episode 240 until 254 he will obtain kyubi mode that is stronger than Sasuke's susano

Do you believe that Naruto is stronger than Luffy?

no luffy is stronger overall

Is sasori stronger than Naruto?

Probably not

Is naruto stronger than konahamaru?


Is naruto stronger than marvel?


Is natsu salamander stronger than naruto?


Is jiraya stronger than Naruto?

Not now because of Naruto being able to control the nine tails and his sage mode is stronger than Jiraya.