Who is stronger Naruto or Gaara?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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Naruto is stronger than gaara in naruto shipudden.

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I'm pretty sure Gaara.

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Q: Who is stronger Naruto or Gaara?
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Does Naruto love Gaara?

No, Naruto is friends with Gaara but has a crush on Sakura.

Who is stronger Gaara or Sasuke?

whos stronger sasuke or gaara in shippuden Main Answer: Neither. It would be a draw. Gaara proved in his fight with Kimimaro that he can beat the heck out of Fox Naruto. Sasuke proved he could also beat the heck out of Fox Naruto with Sharingan lvl3. If you count Sasuke's Curse Mark 2, than also count Gaara's Incomplete Shukaku Form. To the Answer above the answer: In Shippuden, it's neither again. Gaara, Sasuke and Naruto are all in the same league. One of them against 5 villages is a good fight.

Is kimimaro stronger than Gaara?

Kimimaro is stronger because when gaara fought kimimaro, kimimaro was sick and he also fought lee and naruto before him. At the end of the fight kimimaro had the chance to stab gaara in the back but because of his sickness he just stopped and died. If he wasn't sick than he probably would have beat gaara so kimimaro is stronger

Is Gaara stronger than Naruto?

gaara and naruto are basicly the same ppl they r the same level. even tho naruto gave the last hit doesnt mean he won the fight he just simply stopped gaara from killing sasuke and sakura not really gaara was beaten because didnt he release his full power during the fight and naruto still took him down also if it wasnt 4 sasuke stopping naruto from killing gaara wh at would happen? ______________________________________________________________ In their debut, Gaara could kill Naruto easily During the Chunin Exams, Naruto and Gaara are about equal. If it weren't for Sasuke stopping Naruto nothing would happen; Naruto was beyond exaustion he doesn't have energy to damage anything aside an ant. During the Sasuke Retrieval, Gaara was stronger, much stronger. (Albeit I don't include Naruto's 1-Tailed Form, it's cheating and from Kyuubi NOT Naruto). Even Naruto in his rampage mode wouldn't do anything to him. Kimimaro could've destroyed Naruto while he was sick and in normal form, while Gaara fended him even in his 2nd Stage. In the begginning of Shippuden, Gaara again was much stronger than him. Naruto wasn't all that tough back then, seriously. But now (I'm talking about the MANGA, sorry anime-fans for the lil spoiler), it is unconfirmed, as both of them isn't showing their all, but I will say they're ridiculously strong. So for now, don't confirm

How did Gaara lose against Naruto?

Naruto used summoning, then gaara grabbed naruto. naruto couldn't move but could only move his head. then naruto thought of an idea. naruto headbutted gaara's seal and his invincible power was temporarily lost.

How do you beat Naruto path of ninja?

To beat Naruto Path of the Ninja you have to beat gaara in gaara's pursuit

Did Naruto defeat Gaara in the third movie?

Naruto did not defeat Gaara, he only hit him once. Once Gaara was hit by Naruto's first contact in the battle, Gaara understood Naruto's reasoning to save Kakashi, so he let him pass. The battle was epic, but no one actually "won."

How old is Gaara from Naruto shipudin?

in Naruto Shippuden Gaara is the same age as Naruto, Sasuke, And Sakura which means that Garra is about 15 in the beginning of naruto Shippuden, and 16 in the most recent shippuden episodes...

Who is stronger Gaara or Naruto on Naruto or Naruto Shippuden?

I think Naruto will be stronger in both Naruto and Naruto Shippuden because he has the nine tailed fox inside him. Altogether there are nine animals with tails like the kyuubi such as the sanbi(3 tails) and the hachibi(8 tails). Gaara's animal inside him only has one tail so Shukaku (the one tailed tankuki) is the weakest out of the nine animals. Naruto will die if the nine tailed fox reaches 9 tails or if the akatsuki like Itachi suck the power out like what they did with Gaara except Gaara was saved by Granny Chiyo. Though Naruto before the Chunin Exams wouldn't stand a chance against Gaara pre-Chunin Exams.

How do you spell Gaara?

That is the correct spelling of Gaara, a character in the Naruto stories.

How do you get nine tails in plants gone wild?

you may recieve it in nine tails box or your can upgrade gaara into frost gaara and then frost gaara in naruto and naruto into ninetails.

What tail was garaa in Naruto?

Gaara had the one tail in Naruto.