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Q: Does Neil Armstrong want to explore any other planets?
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Did Neil Armstrong see any other planets?

Venus and mars

Did Neil Armstrong see any other planets on the way to the moon?


Could Neil Armstrong see any other planets from the moon?


What did neil Armstrong want to explore?

the moon

What country did neil Armstrong explore for?


Where did Neil Armstrong explore?

king kongs head

What year did Neil Armstrong explore the moon?


Did any of neil armstrong's kids explore?

No they didnt explore and solja boy is a hoebag

What moon did Neil Armstrong explore?

Luna, the Earth's moon.

Which county did Neil Armstrong explore for?

the good ol U.S.ofAmerica.

What made neil Armstrong explore the moon?

Neil Armstrong volunteered to be a astronaut and was selected by N.A.S.A. They chose him for Apollo 11 mission.

How is the trip of Neil Armstrong Buzz Aldrin?

to explore and collect rocks