Does Nick Jonas have a thing with a girl named Lizzy?

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"i read on a few websites that shes like 15 and he met her through a friend a few months ago.
i hope not though .. lolll"
that is the oldd aansweer, what i head was :
i heard she was actually 14, and from like Chicago . or around there. nick does love his Chicago... </3
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Does Nick Jonas have a girl friend?

nobody really know....? people have heard about him and Selena Gomez, but they insist theyre just friends. besides, hes gonna marry me anyway. lol. =]

What is Nick Jonas perfect girl?


Nick Jonas and girls?

the only girls i dated were Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez but im single now i broke up with all the rest. and the other girls i will keep them personal !!!

What does Nick Jonas like in girls?

Nice, friendy, he likes them to be really confident so he doesn't feel the need to entertain her! I understand that because he's quite quiet and serious. And he likes them to have nice eyes and dress well.

What girls does Nick Jonas like?

Big Brown Eyes. *A girl that wears clothes that look classy. *Long brown curly hair. *A girl that is self-confident and self-assertive. *A girl that knows who she is. *A girl that has respect for her elders and doesn't swear. *A girl that will accept him for who he is and has resp ( Full Answer )

What are some things about Nick Jonas?

He has brown curly hair and squints his eyes. He loves the color blue. He hates when his brothers try on his socks. He likes steak. His most prized posetion is his bible.

Nick Jonas like in a girl?

nick Jonas like's girls that are classic, that have style, that are always there to support him even if he's just having a bad day. girls that arn't to clingly and know when to let go at the right time. someone that his family likes, someone that Frankie likes and most of all someone that makes him ( Full Answer )

Is Nick Jonas A Girl?

No of course not! . 1st of all does he look like a girl to you and 2nd they call them the Jonas BROTHERS for a reason!!!!

Who is the girl that is dating Nick Jonas?

Nick Jonas is not Dating anyone at the moment. He was said to have gotten back together with Miley Cyrus this year. But it was only a rumor, It was was started because of the song that Disney made them record with some of the Disney stars. Nick and Miley had a big part in it, but they were never get ( Full Answer )

What does Nick Jonas like in a girl?

He has said in a quote from the magazine 'Celebrity Spectacular', "I don't have a type. My dream girl can come from anywhere." So he doesn't really have a type. Of course, he would like a girl that understands his busy schedule. They also should be athletic because he likes a girl that prevents him ( Full Answer )

What is Nick Jonas favorite thing to do?

It is either singing, playing guitar, writing songs, or playing wiffle ball. his favourite thing to do is making his mom proud happy bithday mrs.Jonas and hanging out with his bros isn't he the sweetest thing.

Does Nick Jonas like a girl named Liz?

No, but he secretly likes two girls named Sydney Weible and Haley Williams. He met them at a major party in San Diego.. Glad to Help. CJ

What is Nick Jonas last name?

Stupid! you typed it when you asked the question! It's Jonas and he is a sexy beast! i love himm! and Taylor laugtner(:

Is Nick Jonas nice to girls?

Yes hes always nice to anyone even though how they look or how there like. Nick Jonas loves a genuine girl!!!!!!!

Does Nick Jonas like girl?

He likes to keep that private. In a recent interview, Jonas announced he likes to keep his love life personal. But many people believe, after have been seeing photos, that he is dating British co-star of Les Miserables, Samantha Barks.

What is Nick Jonas Bebo name?

i know it because im his girlfriend so he told me not to give it out but demi lovato might have it her aim is demii387226xo09

What is Nick Jonas looking for in a girl?

Well here are a few things about what Nick likes in girls: - He loves it when a girl does not come on too strong - He would rather text a girl then call her -The first thing Nick notices in a girl is her eyes QUOTES: -I think it's defintely possible for [girls and guys to just be friends]. It just ( Full Answer )

Does Nick Jonas like a girl and who?

Um yes he does and it is Selena Gomez, Nick and me went to the same high school beforer he became you know "FAMOUS" we went out for 3 moths be we are bff so we broke up we still talk now and then but he texted me he likes sel -Kavin is ma boo p.s dont tell nick cuz he will kill ME (nick if ur r ( Full Answer )

What is the first thing Nick Jonas see's in a girl?

He sees her eyes and smile. THINGS THAT Nick HATEs:. 1.when girls are afriad to eat in front of him. 2.hates it when girls wear not too much clothes just to get attention. 3.And hates it when girls are not confidence, and lie that u want him to think but your not.. THINGS THAT NICK LIKES:. 1. W ( Full Answer )

What does Nick Jonas looks in a girl?

he wanna a girl that doesn't get all crazy if he hugs fan girls and he won't he to have brown eyes and hair around 15 to 17 years old

What does Nick Jonas like girl?

I read that he likes a girl that has humor but still knows how to be cool and can understand his busy schedule. They also need to be able to get along with his family, they are christains and they practice abstanence so I bet you would also have to be christain and practice abstinence. Wich means th ( Full Answer )

Did Nick Jonas get a girl pregnant?

no . No, he didn't. Nick wears a purity ring .It is to remind to stay pure till marriage. He is a virgin,which means he couldn't have gotten a girl pregnant. . He wants to wait till he finds his soul mate and get married. Then when he is ready he will have a baby.

What does Nick Jonas likes in a girl?

He has said in a quote from the magazine 'Celebrity Spectacular', "I don't have a type. My dream girl can come from anywhere." So he doesn't really have a type. Of course, he would like a girl that understands his busy schedule. They also should be athletic because he likes a girl that prevents him ( Full Answer )

Nick Jonas like girl?

Im sure Nick Jonas Like girls I know that he did go out with Miley Cyrus at one point in time.

What are The things that nick Jonas likes?

He likes steak..the color blue..cats..dogs..R&B..he likes to write songs...he is sensitive..he likes to sing and preform. I just searched google -Daisey1013-youtube

What things does Nick Jonas like?

Nick Jonas likes all sorts of things as he is a cute, clever, funny 17 year old musical prodigy! LOVE him!

What do Nick Jonas look for in a girl?

Nick looks for a nice girl.Someone who he shares similar interests like music, golf, movies, baseball ,and riding roller coasters.He and his brothers have said that they would go out with a fan if she was a nice girl.She has to be someone their mom likes too.

Nick Jonas look for in a girl?

Nick likes a nice girl who he shares the same interests like music, golf, etc... He is old -fashioned so he likes to be the one who does the asking out. He doesn't like a girl who is too forward.He likes all types of girls and he notices their smile first.

What is Nick Jonas looking in a girl?

He likes girls with curly brown hair. They also have to be nice and able to make him smile. :). Curly Brown Hair?. No! It Don't Matter What Your Hair Style Is,Or Hair Color,He Look's For The Smile,The Personailty(Sorry Can't Spell Good!!) And Not Just The Look's SOmeone Who Can Understand His Busy ( Full Answer )

What does Nick Jonas look for a girl?

Girls with short brown hair and brown eyes and girls with the name julie.lolz its true i heard him say it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What does Nick Jonas' like in a girl?

He likes girls that are smart, fun,shy,quiet, christian, know that he is very busy, sensitive, and beautiful in the inside. Looks don't matter for him. He likes girls that wear dresses and don't dress showing too much.

What does Nick Jonas do with a girl?

he kisses and hugs but not more than that because he has a promise to himself and to god to be virgin until mariage

What does Nick Jonas look for in a girl?

Her eyes and smile and a big heart ""well she has to be sincere to me and love me for me not what i have and how much im worth hehe giggles"" an actual quote well i made this story and look at the joe one plz and the Kevin one plz the nick one anyways her name is Lillie and she loves animals ( Full Answer )