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There have been no reports that Paris Jackson has pets. Paris Jackson is the daughter of late Pop singer, Michael Jackson.

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What movie is Paris Jackson in?

She isn't in any movies.

Does jackson rathbone have any pets?

Yes, he has a cat named Dean

How tall is Paris Michael Jackson?

Paris Jackson is 5'3 as of 2011

Did Jackson pollock have any pets?

Yes.Jackson Pollock had one pet.It was a dog.

Is Paris Jackson married?

No Paris Jackson is not married, She is 14 Years Old.

Does Paris Jackson have another sister?

Paris Jackson does not have a sister, she is the only girl.

How many pets does Paris Jackson have?

she has two cats one is brown colored kitty/kitten lala and one is black color katie.

Is Michael Jackson the biological father of Paris Jackson?

Mark Lester is rumored to be the biological father of Paris Jackson.

Does Paris Jackson like hannnah Montana?

Paris Jackson likes Hannah Montana

What pets does Paris Hilton have?

I know that she has a chuihauha called Tinkerbell. But im not sure if she has any more!

Does Jacqueline Wilson have any pets?

She has one cat called Jacob.

Does Paris Jackson have a fantage?

no but everyone thinks she does people just say their name is Paris Jackson

Why does Paris Jackson wear glasses?

Paris Jackson wears glasses because she is short sighted.

What languages do Prince and Paris Jackson know?

Prince and Paris Jackson only know English.

Are Paris Jackson and Prince Jackson twins?

No, Prince was born in 1997 and Paris was born in 1998.

Are Paris Jackson and Prince Michael Jackson I Michael Jackson's biological children?

Paris and Prince Michael were Debbie Rowe's children with Michael Jackson as the father.There are numerous conspiracy theories that state Michael Jackson is not the natural father of his children, however there is no prove to any of these theories

How old is Paris Jackson?

Paris Jackson is 19 years old. She was born on April 3, 1998.

Who is older Prince Jackson or Paris Jackson?

Prince is older he was born in 1997, Paris was born in 1998.

When was Paris Jackson born?

Paris Jackson is 13 years old, born April 3, 1998

What does Paris Jackson like to do?

Paris Jackson hopes to be a successful actress and spends her time practicing with her brothers

Has Jessie J got any pets?

she has a cat named Isis and a dog named Jackson.

Does Paris Jackson have a Club Penguin?

nope. Jermaine Jackson said to the public that ALL THREE of the children don't have any internet programs.

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