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Does Randy Orton look different these days?

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No he has a few more tattoos but otherwise looks the same

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When Randy Orton look cute when he is 100?

randy orton is ugly. he will look uglier when hes 100. hes already ugly enough.

Does Randy Orton really have Intermediate explosive disorder?

No he doesn't -Yes He Does, The WWE Knows He Does. Wikipeda Has a Articel on it About Him. Just Look Randy Orton up

What WWE superstar smoke?

randy orton look on youtube

What under does Randy Orton wear?

Go to randy-orton.com and look for a Q&A section. He wears breifs.

Is Randy Orton and John Cena Brothers?

No, Randy Orton and John Cena are not brothers. Although many people do say that they look alike, they are not related in any way.

Is Randy Orton Spanish?

Yes, Randy Orton is a Spanish person even though he doesn't look like he is . But guess what he is actually a Spanish guy. He speaks Spanish.

Does Randy Orton have a sister?

no only child but he does have a female cousin that does look like him.

Does Randy Orton wear a cup when he wrestles?

well (not to be perverted) but it does not look like he does.

Who better randy orton or Sheamus?

well... the cool thing is that randy orton and sheamus are bot johncena's enemies but if you look closer randy orton is way beter cuz sheamus is weaker and has won less titles than randy! randy orton is way better! RANDY ORTON IS FACE NOW! heck no sheamu is better, he took out triple h and won the wwe championship 2 in less than 2 years. and of course he got less titles cuz orton been wrestling since 2001 or sumthin and sheamus started in 2008 or 2009

How much can Randy Orton benchpress?

maaany many times, just look at that bod.

Who is the wrestler that look like Randy Orton?

Daniel Bryan with short hair and no beard

Who is stronger Triple H or Randy Orton?

hard question. If you look at it via experience, HHH, sure Look at it via favouritism, either

Randy Orton running punt does it hurt the wrestler?

No. This is a staged move which is done to look real but does not actually hurt the wrestler.

What are the names of the Mothers of Superstar Athletes?

Randy Orton- Elaine Orton Matt/Jeff Hardy- Ruby hardy Carlito/Primo- Nancy Colon That's all i know but you can look them up on wikipedia!

What would Randy Orton look like in a biniki?

Without the top I think he would look fairly nice... Better than John Cena in a g-string. o_e

Who will win in the WrestleMania 28 Kane or Randy Orton?

Kane all the way, Orton has gotten the best of him leading all the way up to WM. If can looses he will look very bad. Plus Orton loosing at WM is going to hurt him because he hasn't lost their in years.

Randy Orton vs Superman?

This is a demo that the creators of Smackdown vs Raw 2010 did to show the audience what you can do in the game. The creators created-a-wrestler and created superman and then put him in a match with Randy Orton in the game and filmed it, and revealed it to the public to get a bit of an insight into what Smackdown Vs Raw 2010 will look and be like.

What does randy ortons baby look likle?

Go to his Twitter and check his picture Or go to the Samantha Speno Orton page on Facebook and check her pictures

Who is hotter Randy Orton or Cody Rhodes?

Well it depends on your preferences... Randy Orton has the evil look with the eyes that seem to be almost black. But he has a killer body, but he also puts alot of baby oil on it and he's quite tan. Now Cody Rhodes on the other hand, has the teenager/young adult look. He has the full head of hair with those killer blue eyes, he isn't as sculpted as Orton. Rhodes doesnt look as evil as Orton. So it all depends on your preferences :) Btw: person that commented on this last.. never call me honey " Now cody rhodes has a mask on so he kind of lost points there

Why did Randy Orton cover his self in tattoos?

Because he's on something maybe.. ? Or maybe he thinks they look nice eish, get out of peoples business Or maybe because tattoos are sexy?

Is Randy Orton got divorce?

He is not divorced yet but yes he is getting a divorce. His wife Same filed in April. Look it up people its public info. He is a family friend.

Who look better Shawn michaels or Randy Orton?

Physique wise - Orton looks much better than Micheals. Orton is taller and much heavier and larger than Micheals. So, for a casual fan, he would look better than Shawn. But, Micheals is a seasoned veteran and arguably the best in-ring perform to ever compete in the WWE. So, to a seasoned fan, Micheals will always look better than Orton even though he is much smaller. His in ring talent and charisma far outweights Ortons look's

Does Randy have a girlfriend back in St. Louis?

Actually, his rumored to be dating Stacy Keibler. Randy Orton has a girlfriend in Pakistan. Her name is Sonia. Yeah its me.Kira no he has a fiancee named samantha, they got engaged in november, just look on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Randy_Orton#Personal_life

Will Triple H return in the hell in a cell match of 2010?

Probably because when randy orton is having a tough time with sheamus Triple H will come out then sheamus would look and then the Viper would RKO Sheamus.

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