Does Randy Orton love Tiffany orton?


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Randy Orton is married to Alexia Orton.

Randy Orton's wife isn't named Alexia. Her name is Samantha.

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No, Randy Orton is married.

Yes he his randy orton hot and John cena I want to marry randy orton but I am 15 and he is 28 love u both

No ! Randy Orton is married and he is very much in love with his wife

i think orton doesnt love maria.orton orton doesnt love any women.but maria is so beautiful


I love Randy Orton more than the rock, but I think and lots of people think that the rock is stronger than randy.

how many time john cena beat randy orton i love to randy freind with john cena

Hopefully I would love to see it

Defiantly Randy orton is the best John cena not cute I think what rock says is right and Randy Orrin is the strongest best smartest wrestler on wwe raw ,don't get me wrong I love John cena but not like I love Randy Orton ,plus I am to happy cuz he's coming to Qatar finally thank youXD

Randy orton fav color is red he is my brother by magen orton PS i love you James Scott You are not Randys because she knows how to spell her name and you don't nor does she know anyone by the name of James Scott

Neither Orton or Kennedy are gay. Randy is happliy married to Samatha and Kennedy is also happily married in fact Kennedy and his wife just celebrated their 1 year anniversary!

on smackdown definitely even though its kinda sad that orton took his title after those 17 years of waiting, tough love i guess

No did you listen to his theme song hates to love and loves to hate his voices tell him what to do

apart from john cena, edge and the miz, he is. well fit. ooh i love him

randy orton is so hot and cute i love him

Randy Orton is very malignant and has a huge ego. While John Cena is very honest and speaks his own mindand he is definitely not malignant! I love John Cena and alwayswill!!BTW the Miz is awesome RETARDED!!

yes they used to hat him because of the hhh rivalry but now they love him

not to be rude, but, because he wanted them. some stand for his family others i guess he just wanted them. i love them.

This doesn't deserve an answer. Presuming you love Orton, you may get an autograph, but you could really **** him off by stealing his stuff and spray painting "I LOVE RANDY ORTON!" on his wall. If you hate him, he deserves his safety, (because I doubt you'd beat him without a weapon) and secondly, if you believe what he did to Triple H's family was true, it was planned.

That is not true. He is a heel superstar.I don't hate him. He is my favorite superstarHE IS AMAZING I LOVE HIM HE IS MY FAVE HE SHOULD BE YOURS TO

John Cena! Or, actually I don't know. I love both of them! They're both great wrestlers!

yes he should because i love him Edge is my favorite WWE Superstar ever. My other fav superstar is Randy Orton

mickey likes and love Jake orton

If I liked Randy Orton or not (which I don't) I reckon he's no where near as good as John Cena. Cena I believe has so much potential and momentum from the crowds. randy Orton is called the viper cause usually beside in hell in a cell and when he beat Chris Benoit for the worlds championship has he ever played fair except in no dq encounters while cena is described has having alot of strength and with the fans cena is more popular and it does not matter if cena has 5 in ring moves or not Orton always without help seems to in one fall matches without help lose to john cena in my mind cena accomplished more by proving himself while Orton did not Well John Cena is very hot, compared to randy orton hes ugly a cheater n always needs help to win his matches. John Cena is not that way he actually is very strong n knows how to wrestle. N one more thing John Cena is VERY HOT!!!!!!! I LOVE JOHN CENA!!!!!!!! Randy Orton is a beeeeeeep!! This might not be what the question was but dx is better than anyone else in the wwe and always will be so SUCK IT!!!!!!

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