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It is nieve to think that rasicm does not exist. Rascim is embedded in every single person. Though many people find that there are more importent things in a person than skin color, some people cannot see past it. Plus, this country has become so politically correct that anything that resemblems anything insulting. So yea it does still exist but it is more ley key then it used to be.
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Do you think dinosaurs still exist?

Many tribes deep in the amazon have elders that have reportedly seen live giant lizards described like our "long neck". . There have been enough sightings of unusually large creatures through the years to raise the question of whether or not dinosaurs still exist. For scientific purposes, however, ( Full Answer )

Do Blue Whales still exist?

The Blue Whale and yes there still blue whales that exist but they are very endangered! .

Do wizards still exist?

Sorcerers; Warlocks; Wiches; Wiccans' Practitioners of the magickal Arts. they all sound like osmehtingo ut of a comic book or horror movie but they are very real and existing secretly--or openly and freely, depending--aorund us. They are not fictional, though dependingo n their staus they may be re ( Full Answer )

Does the Globe Theatre still exist?

No. The globe theater was destroyed in the fire of 1613. It was rebuild but closed at 1642. There is a modern globe theater reconstructed in 1997.

Do fairies still exist?

Alas, there is no strong evidence for the existence of fairies. The most famous evidence was the Cottingley photographs which were championed by Arthur Conan Doyle. These were taken in the early 1920s by two young girls. In 1981, they finally confessed that they had faked the photographs. They said ( Full Answer )

What does rasicm mean?

Racism is the act of discrimination against people of different ethnicity, race, religion, etc. but most commonly used for race.

Does polio still exist?

Yes it does. It is simply not very common anymore in the western world where we have widespread vaccines against it. But it is still a big threat in less developed countries.

Do samurai still exists?

Samurai do not exist anymore. they used to exist in old centuries to fight army in japan. by the way samurai used to exist in japan only

Does affirmative action still exist?

Yes. Many people want to repeal it. For example, white males are becoming the new minority and many people who do not fall in the minority category feel that minorities have an unfair advantage over them. There is nothing to "repeal" since no legislature ever enacted an AA STATUTE, it is only a ( Full Answer )

Does Hungary still exist?

That is actually a sensible question-- many countries in that region of the world changed their names when the Soviet Union broke up. But Hungary is one country that not only still exists; it still has its same name. Hungary's best known city is Budapest, and it remains a popular attraction for Euro ( Full Answer )

Are barons still existant in England?

There are about 1,038 British Baronies. There is no longer a feudal connotation and increasingly less and less association with the land/area. For example, Baron Boston, although named after Boston, Lincolnshire, has the family seat in Hedsor, Bucks.

Does the triple entente still exist?

The Triple Entente was a military alliance that existed during WW I, between England, France, and Russia. It has not existed for quite a long time.

Does the British empire still exist?

In the most modern sense, yes, Britain still retains 14 separate territories outside the United Kingdom. And there is also the separate entity of the Commonwealth of Nations, which, although, is not political per say the nations in it still recognize Queen Elizabeth II as the Head of the Commonwealt ( Full Answer )

Do Maltese tigers still exist?

Maltese tigers may exist, because they are very likely to have been born to regular orange or white tigers.

Do swimming reptiles still exist?

Yes. Many reptiles can swim. Most snakes and lizards are goodswimmers and crocodiles and alligators spend much of their time inthe water. There are many species of aquatic turtle as well. Seaturtles only leave the water to lay eggs and sea snakes cannotevent move on land.

Do megaladons still exists?

I do believe they do. I saw on TV that they found a tooth that was only 70 years old and the Megaladon went Extinct million years ago!!

Do poverty still exist?

Yes, poverty still exists around the world with billions of people still living in poverty.

Why do Jehovah's Witnesses still exist?

Jehovah's Witneses exist because millions of people see the Jehovah's Witnesses religion as being the most acceptable way to worship. They have found satisfying answers to questions such as "Why does God permit wickedness?", "What happens at death?", "What is the purpose of life?"....and an internat ( Full Answer )

Why does gangs still exist today?

Because that's just how the world is, gangs are everywhere, they've always been here, and always will be.

Do lycans still exist today?

Lycans and Vampires are not real. They are just fictional creatures made by people for literature or for some to keep their children home at night. There is no proof of them living or if they lived.

Does child labor still exist?

Yes, many companies use it today, like: . Nike . Coca-Cola . McDonalds . Wal-Mart et cetera.... Nike is a major user of child labor.

Do monks still exist today?

Yes, there are monks all over the world today. There are monasteries in most western countries, the middle east and the far east. They are both Christian monks and Buddhist monks.

Does mass-market still exist?

Mass-marketing is very much alive and well-- well, maybe not as lucrative as in previous decades, but still one of the biggest driving forces for sales of products and services besides the use of Internet Marketing. At least half of the "junk mail" every household receives are related to marketing ( Full Answer )

Does the paradise in the Bible still exist?

That depends which paradise you are referring to. In Genesis Adam and Eve live in the Garden of Eden. Though we cannot know for sure where it was, we know the rough location of it. God destroyed this garden when Adam and Eve sinned and ate from the tree that God told them not to. Now if you are talk ( Full Answer )

Does the ANZUS treaty still exist?

The ANZUS teaty is still in force, though NZ refusal to let US nuclear-armed ships visit its ports, caused a dust-up. Apparently the treaty is still continuing. Note the East Timor conflict which was helped by all three nations.

Does paganism still exist?

Yes, I myself retain my traditional Germanic beliefs. Of course it does. There are many people who still practice the religion of Paganism. (Though the word paganism itself is an umbrella term for many nature based practices)

Do the Teutonic Knights still exist?

There are conflicts as to whether or not Napoleon Bonapartesuccedeed in disbanding the order. But, to directly answer thequestion, yes, the Teutonic Knights still exist in Austria. Ofcourse they no longer fight battles, they are purely a CatholicReligious Order that help fund hospitals, and orphanag ( Full Answer )

Is central bank still existing?

Yes. Central Banks still exist. They govern the operation of all the banks in the country. They decide the interest rates, deposit rates and also the guidelines based on which banks must operate. The purpose of the central bank is to ensure that the country's economy is stable and the citizen's inte ( Full Answer )

Do UFOs still EXIST?

They do, what they are is still to be discovered. There are hundreds of reports every year of flying objects that are not readily identified. Of all those about %80 have logical explainations. The remaining %20 can't be explained. These are UFO's, unidentified flying objects. It doesn't mean they ar ( Full Answer )

How long has rasicm been around?

ever since white people had slaved black people about 500 years ago . rasicm had been going on and ever since then, and its still going on. its prejustice-ness keep people from getting jobs

Do catacombs still exists in rome?

Yes, catacombs exist in Rome but they are not used the same way. They are not used as graves nor for religious practices. In Paris there is a huge tunnel of catacombs. They say it is the dark side of the city of light! Many skeletons were found there. They could be from the buried bodies or from the ( Full Answer )

Does topo gigio still exist?

Yes, Topo Gigio does still exist. Actually he is still putting shows on all around the world!

Do confession boxes still exist?

Yes, many places still do have this, to give the option of confessing for those who prefer to remain more private

Do the Ninety-Nines still exist?

The Ninety-Nines are a functioning non-profit organization with about 5,500 members. See the link below to their web site.

Why does cannibalism still exist?

The jury is still out that cannibalism as a ritual practice exists at all - or ever existed (as opposed to that practiced under conditions of starvation or perversion). Although much folklore abounds, no credible sighting of cannibalism by anthropologists exist. As the late Scientific American w ( Full Answer )

Does real music still exist?

Assuming that "real" music is defined as music derived from one's soul, then yes, it is possible to find music fueled by emotion. However, one must be able to see past what entertainment corporations push as "music." A good example of real music is improvisational music.

Does plague still exist today?

Yes, the plague does still pop up every so often in small animals. When that happens authorities kill the animals and check for more cases. They often isolate the area just for safety.

Do the choctaw indians still exist?

Yes, their current tribal location is in and around DurrantOklahoma; although tribal members live everywhere (more or less).

Are the stars you see still in existence?

Light from stars takes perhaps millions of years to reach Earth. The stars we see know is how they were millions of years ago. So, some stars may have "died" by now. if i recall correctly most of them are but some of them have burned out but can still be seen due to the the amount of lightyears ( Full Answer )

Why does homophobia still exist?

Strictly speaking, a "phobia" is irrational -- it doesn't need a reason. That said, homophobia exists for a lot of reasons. The first is most obviously, religion. Though many religious believers are open to homosexuality and bisexuality, most people who consider themselves religious people are clo ( Full Answer )

Does the maxim gun still exist?

There are several surviving examples, typically in museums or in the hands of licenced collectors.

Do muckrakers still exist?

Sure, they are called Political gossip columnists. a more serious, deep-raking- type would surely be personified by Ralph Nader. Curiously, Mr. Nader has never held any political office. originally he was pro-nuclear energy but after Three Mile Island, shifted the control rods.

Where is there slavery still existing in the world'?

i think there is still slavery in the world. who's to stop it from happening. some places are still under slavery because some countries don't really care. they just care about the money they will get.

Do coal miners still exist?

Yes they still exist because if you come to Zimbabwe it is themajor source of electricity at Hwange coal fields

Does sexism still exist?

Yes, Andy Gray got sacked for playing down a female referee in a male football Premier League match

Will rasicm end?

sadly, I don't think it will ever end completely. There will always be racist people.

Is Gmail still existing?

It is. And just so you know, this is in 2011. Just in case you were wondering, people of the future :P.

Does cheetah still exist?

Yes. Cheetah's are predominantly found in the jungles of Africa and India. The Asiatic cheetah can be found in India, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan etc. The African cheetah is found in countries like Kenya, Burkina Faso, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe etc. numbers wise, the African species is more ( Full Answer )