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I read this in a religious magazine of 2003-- "Some have been or still are refugees. Adding to these problems was the sudden eruption of Mount Nyiragongo, a volcano situated not far from the town of Goma. During the morning of January

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Q: Does Rwanda have refugees
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How many refugees left Rwanda in 2008?

over 500 people left rwanda because of the lack of the food there.

How many refugees were saved at hotel rwanda?

Just over a thousand.

What was the main reason refugees fled rwanda in the 1990s?

ethnic conflict

Why did more than 2 mllion refugees flee rwanda during the early 1990?

In the 1990's, there were hundreds of thousands of refugees who fled Rwanda. Hutu nationalists working under the control of the Rwandan government, called on them to murder the citizens for no reason.

How many refugees are in darkar Senegal missionary?

Please check for me name called Merry Frederic George in Dakar She is from Rwanda as Refugee.

How many people did Paul Rusesabagina help save?

Paul Rusesabagina was a true hero in Rwanda he helped save 1000 refugees.

Why did people in Rwanda become refugees?

There was an extremely destructive, genocidal civil war in Rwanda between the Hutu and Tutsi tribes. Hundreds of thousands of people were murdered. Some people chose to flee, to avoid being murdered.

What did the hutus do to the tutsis?

The Hutus killed many Tutsis to scare them, so many fled (200,000 Tutsis, to be exact) from Rwanda/Burundi as refugees.

What has the author Catharine Watson written?

Catharine Watson has written: 'Exile from Rwanda' -- subject(s): Emigration and immigration, Ethnic relations, Refugees

What has the author Gaudencia Mutema written?

Gaudencia Mutema has written: 'Rebuilding lives after genocide' -- subject(s): Biography, Genocide, History, Refugees, Rwanda Civil War, 1994

What countries border Rwanda?

Rwanda is bordered by: Uganda (north of Rwanda) Tanzania (east of Rwanda) Burundi (south of Rwanda) Democratic Republic of Congo (west of Rwanda)

Is Rwanda democratic?

Rwanda is a republic.

Where did the genocide in Rwanda occur?

In Rwanda

Are there deserts in Rwanda?

No Rwanda does not have deserts.

Is Rwanda a state?

Rwanda is a country.

What is the GNP of Rwanda?

The GNP of Rwanda is $1.89bn

Where was the genocide of Rwanda?

It took place in Rwanda.

Where did Rwanda genicide happened?

In Rwanda, Africa.

What is the full name of Rwanda?

Republic of Rwanda

What is the name of Rwanda's soccer team?


Does Rwanda have any deserts?

No, Rwanda has no deserts.

Is Rwanda democtaic?

Yes, Rwanda is a democracy.

When was The Refugees created?

The Refugees was created in 1893.

What part of speech is refugees?

Refugees is a noun

What has the author Anthony Suau written?

Anthony Suau has written: 'On a deux yeux de trop' -- subject- s -: History, Pictorial works, Refugees, Rwanda Civil War, 1994, Social conditions