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Assuming you believe in Satan as an evil lesser deity independent from God, then you would probably believe he speaks all languages.

Jews do not believe in this kind of satan. In Judaism, the term "satan" used since its earliest biblical contexts to refer to a human opponent. In this case, the language would most likely be Hebrew, since the only references to this adversarial man are in Hebrew documents.

Occasionally, the term has been used to suggest evil influence opposing human beings, as in the Jewish commentary of the Yetzer hara ("evil inclination" Genesis 6:5). Micaiah's "lying spirit" in 1 Kings 22:22 is sometimes related.

Thus, a satan is personified as a character in three different places of the Tanakh, serving as an accuser (Zechariah 3:1–2), a seducer (1 Chronicles 21:1), or as a heavenly persecutor who is "among the sons of God" (Job 2:1). In any case, each satan is always subordinate to the power of God, having a role in the divine plan. Opponents (satans) are rarely mentioned in Judaism.

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Q: Does Satan speak Hebrew or aramaic?
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