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Most people working at Scotland Yard will have Christmas (and other official holidays) off. A skeleton staff will still be available and other people would be called in to work in an emergency.

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Q: Does Scotland yard have Christmas off?
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When was Scotland Yard created?

Scotland Yard was created in 1829.

Who was Mr Newcomen?

an inspector from Scotland Yard

Is the Scotland yard locaded in england or Scotland?

"New Scotland Yard" is the headquarters of the Metropolitan Police - the police service for Greater London, England. The current "New Scotland Yard" is actually the second building with this name; the first was converted into offices for the UK Parliament. The name "Scotland Yard" comes from a small street off Whitehall in London, where the Scottish Embassy was based prior to the political union of Scotland and England in 1707. The Metropolitan Police later had its headquarters in this street (until the 1880s, when the first New Scotland Yard was built).

When was Murder at Scotland Yard created?

Murder at Scotland Yard was created in 1953.

What is Scotland yard's role?

Scotland Yard is the headquarters of London's Metropolitan Police.

When was The Scotland Yard Mystery created?

The Scotland Yard Mystery was created in 1934.

How did Scotland Yard came to be today?

Scotland Yard, the headquarters of the London police, is so called because it used to be in a street called Scotland Yard.

Is Scotland yard a monopoly?

Not sure what you mean. Scotland Yard is the name of a street in London. The Headquarters of the Metropolitan Police are known as New Scotland Yard (although they're not located there) but the majority of people just call it Scotland Yard.

What is the duration of The Ace of Scotland Yard?

The duration of The Ace of Scotland Yard is 3.58 hours.

What do they call Christmas in Scotland?

It is just called Christmas in Scotland.

Where is the old Scotland Yard?

The original Scotland Yard was an area near Westminster Palace occupied by the Scottish Ambassador to the English court. Later an office block was built on the same spot and took the name Scotland Yard. When it was demolished and a new office block was erected on the same spot it was called New Scotland Yard. So the old Scotland Yard is beneath the foundations of New Scotland Yard!

Does Scotland Yard reside in London?

Yes, Scotland Yard resides in London. Scotland Yard is the headquarters for the police force that is in charge of patrolling London and dealing with criminals.

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