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She can't. She is a professional now and only ametuers are allowed to play in college.

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Q: Does Shawn Johnson want to do gymnastics in college?
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Does Shawn Johnson rock at gymnastics?

How does she not shes awesome i admire her and i want to be just like her i love gymnastics and Shawn Johnson:)

Does Shawn Johnson want to be a teacher?

Shawn has said that she might want to be a doctor someday. However, she has also said that she might want to be a gymnastics coach.

What does Shawn Johnson want to study at college?

she would like to be a doctor

What does Shawn Johnson want to be when she is older?

She has said that she wants to be a doctor or a coach or even a speaker. She said that she would love to be able to coach gymnastics.

Where does Shawn Johnson want to go to college?

Shawn says that she is hoping for Stanford or UCLA even though she has been accepted to many others.

Where is Shawn Johnson ticklish?

Don't know- and why does it matter. Shawn doesn't want stalkers creeping her out :P

What is Shawn Johnson's cup size?

Ewww why would you want to know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What level do you have to be in gymnastics to get a scholorship?

If you want to get a gymnastics scholarship to a college, you should probably be in a level between levels 8 and elite, because that's what level college gymnasts typically are.

How do you do Shawn Johnson's floor routines?

Only Shawn Johnson and her coaches know how. If you want to know how, go ask her, but I know it's almost impossible, unless you actually know her as a friend or relative, to communicate or to see or talk to her in person.

What collage does shawn johnson want to go to?

UCLA DUKE STANFORD those are her 3 choices.. she has been accepted to other colleges as well

Can you wear a gymnastics leotard as a swimsuit?

No. But you can if you want! =)

How popular is gymnastics in russia?

cuzzz it want it to be

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