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Does Shawn Micheals have any children?

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yes 2: Cameron Kade and Cheyenne Michelle

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What is Shawn micheals name?

Shawn micheals real name is Michael Shawn Hickenbottom who is better known for his ring name Shawn Micheals.

Who sings Shawn micheals theme song?

Shawn Micheals

Who sang Shawn Micheals theme song?

Shawn Micheals

Who is better Shawn micheals or chris Jericho?

Shawn Micheals. He is a hall of famer.

Does Shawn micheals sing his theme song?

yes Shawn micheals does sing his own song

Is Shawn micheals bi?

no Shawn is married

Will Shawn micheals beat undertaker in WrestleMania?

No. The undertaker will win. Shawn micheals is planning on retiring anyway.

Will Shawn micheals beat undertakerja in wrestlemanija 26?

Will Shawn micheals beat undertakerja in wrestlemanija 26?

Who will be Shawn micheals opponent at WrestleMania 27?

Shawn Micheal will not be at wrestlemania 27. It is because at Wrestlemania 26 Shawn Micheals lost to the UNDERTAKER.

Who sings Shawn micheals song?

Shawn Michaels

When will Shawn micheals retire?

he does

Are Shawn Micheals and Brett Micheals related?

yes NO they are not related. Shawns real name is Michael Shawn Hickenbottom

Shawn Micheals real name?

Micheal Shawn hickonbottom

Is Shawn Micheals dating anyone?

No, Shawn Michaels is married.

Was Shawn Michaels from Ohio?

no shawn micheals was not born in ohio

Is Shawn micheals a Christian?


Is Shawn Micheals retired?


Will Shawn micheals defeat undertaker at WrestleMania 26?

Undertaker will probably defeat Shawn Micheals in wrestle mania. Hope this helped.

Who is better Shawn micheals or tripleh?

Shawn michaels is waay better

What is Shawn micheals birthday?

Shawn was born on July 22, 1965.

Will Shawn be on WWE 13?

if you mean Shawn Micheals then yes he will be in the game

Who is Shawn micheals girlfriend?

shawn micheals girlfriend is.................. kelly kelly lolApparenlty you don't know HBK very well, he has been happily married for 10 years to Becca and has two children. He has never dated Kelly Kelly

Who won Shawn micheals or undertaker?

Shawn Micheals lost and now his leaving. How sad because he's been here since the beginning.

Who is going to win in wrestel mania under taker or Shawn micheals?

who is going to win in wrestel mania26 under taker or Shawn micheals

Is Shawn micheals better than Kane?

no freakin way Kane is way better than Shawn micheals could dream of being

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