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Does Skype giva a virus to your computer?


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No,it does not, at least not on my PC


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one solution is that your computer might be slow second solution skype might messed up your computer third solution is you might have a virus.

Its not a virus so yes its virus free i have it and it doesn't effect my computer stuff at all it works so fast.

No, Skype itself cannot cause a virus. Skype is owned and managed by Microsoft a trustworthy company. The only way to get a virus is if you download a file someone sends you through Skype that you are unsure about.

Skype on a computer to Skype on another computer is 100% free, regardless of locations.

Skype does not give you viruses but before you download it make sure that you don't have any viruses already.If you do have viruses already in your computer or laptop than clear them because Skype can make the virus bigger.

If you have had Skype on your computer and have removed it, you need to go to the Skype website and download it again.

Your computer might not be compatible with Skype.

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Yes, you can call from computer to mobile phone using Skype.

Yes, as Skype is software that runs on a phone or computer and is not a physical phone or computer.

You can play sound from your computer on Skype using Wi-fi.

Found them .. C:\Users\computer name\AppData\Roaming\Skype\<Skype user name>\Pictures

you can connect fax to computer,or there is cheap service throught skype add on Pamfax or Faxtastic For Skype which can be accessed throught extras in Skype

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It depends what you are doing on Skype and what your specification is on your computer. If you are on webcam, you will use more memory and if low memory, you will feel the lag. If skype is just running for text chat or idle then no, skype will not/should not slow down your computer.

Yes, of course it can. You have to download SKYPE from the App store and then you have to log in.

On the computer or on the phone? For on the computer, Skype cannot make calls to other VoIP clients. You can call people from skype to a phone, but it costs money. Usually about $0.02 a minute.

Every computer could have a virus but if you use your computer carefully it can be impossible for the virus to come to your computer.

A computer virus causes harm to the computer while a a human virus causes harm to a human beings. A computer virus in curable a human virus is incurable.

The Skype software can be downloaded from their website (See links below).

A computer, an internet connection and the skype client. Some phones can use skype instead of a computer as well. You still need the other two, however.

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To prevent a computer virus, you first have to get an Anti-Virus program on your computer. And it will scan all of the threats on the computer.

You can go to skype. :)

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