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Yea shes in-love with him

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When was Marie Tehan born?

Marie Tehan was born in 1940.

When did Marie Tehan die?

Marie Tehan died in 2004.

When did Robert Emmet Tehan die?

Robert Emmet Tehan died in 1975.

When was Robert Emmet Tehan born?

Robert Emmet Tehan was born in 1905.

When was Dan Tehan born?

Dan Tehan was born on 1968-01-27.

What iscapital of Iran?

the capital is tehan

Does Sophie like Joshua?

Which Sophie are you talking about? In which school? Island School?

What actors and actresses appeared in Because I Like You - 2009?

The cast of Because I Like You - 2009 includes: Sophie Wu as Sophie

Does Sophie child like pizza?


What does est-ce que Sophie aime faire les devoirs mean?

"does Sophie like to do her homework?"

How do you pronounce soffe shorts?

Sophie, like the name!

What does Miley Cyrus like'?

PASTA AND HER DOGGIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is Sophie.

Does Sophie like food?

Maybe. Nobody knows.

Is the name Sophie sweet?

Yes. yes it absolutely postively is my name is Sophie, Sophie is SWEET!!!!!!!!!! i agree with the second answer my name is Sophie too -->Sophie<-- rox -->Sophie<-- -->Sophie--<

Does Emmanuel Like Sophie?

NO but JUST LIKE A FRIEND!!! yer sure i dont belive you...

Did Sophie Aboud change her name to just Sophie?

Yes Sophie Aboud just goes by Sophie now.

What type of girl is kellan lutz into?

People like Sophie Edwards.

Who is Sophie in moneytalks?

Sophie Dee

What nicknames does Sophie Langford go by?

Sophie Langford goes by Sophie-Jane, and Soph.

What is the birth name of Sophie Morlon?

Sophie Morlon's birth name is Sophie Petit.

What is the birth name of Sophie Pagay?

Sophie Pagay's birth name is Sophie Berg.

What is the birth name of Sophie Altman?

Sophie Altman's birth name is Sophie Robinson.

What is the birth name of Sophie Stierle?

Sophie Stierle's birth name is Sophie Boehringer.

What is the birth name of Sophie Cartman?

Sophie Cartman's birth name is Sophie Newton.

What is the birth name of Sophie Cossaeus?

Sophie Cossaeus's birth name is Sophie Weingrtner.

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