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no South Korea does not take part in the Olympics.

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Q: Does South Korea take part in Olympics?
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Where is the next venue of Olympics?

The 2016 Olympics will take place in Rio and the 2018 winter Olympics will take place in South Korea.

Do all countries in the world take part in the Olympics?

No, not all (for example: North Korea and Zimbabwe)

What sports will South Africa take part in on the Olympics 2012?

It is recommended that this question be deleted. The Olympics 2012 is history.

Where did the Olympics take place in 1988?

The 1988 Summer Olympics were also known as Games of theXXIV Olympiad.These games were held in the host City of Souel, South Korea.

Why women can not take part in the Olympics?

Women can take part in the olympics.

In the Korean war what were the objectives of north Korea and south Korea?

North Korea: Take over all of South Korea South Korea: Defend South Korea north korea wanted to take over korea under communist rule, because north korea was stronger and richer than south korea at that time because of soviet back up. they say they wanted to make the south rich together with them, but it was to spread communism and take over south korea, and the north became reckless because of soviet backup. the objective of south korea was obviously defend south korea.

When north Korea invaded South Korea They were trying to take over South Korea?

Yes, that is what an invasion is.

Where did the 1988 Olympics take place?

Seoul, Republic of Korea

Do Zimbabwe people take part in Olympics?

THEY DO TAKE PART IN THE OLYMPICS BUT NOT ALL OF THEM.A lot of them take part in baseball.

What is the cause of the fight between South Korea and North Korea?

Communist NORTH Korea tried to take over (conquer) South Korea.

What five continents take part in the olympics?

Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, and South America.

How long does it take to fly from Toronto Canada to south Korea?

Depending on what city in South Korea, it can take approximately 13h 30m

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