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Ethiopia has the Eastern Desert which is the Sahara Desert.

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Q: Does Tanzania have rain forest
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What is the rain forest in Central America?

Rwanda,Burundi,Tanzania,Cameroon and Sudan

Is the amazon rain forest the largest rain forest in the world?

Yes, the Amazon rain forest is the largest rain forest in the world

What and a tropical rain forest?

a rain forest

Does it rain in the forest?

yes it does rain in the rain forest that why it is call The rainforest

What kind of adaptations do animals in the rain forest have?

nothing the rain forest is gay nothing the rain forest is gay nothing the rain forest is gay

Does it rain the rain forest?

Yes in the rain forest it does rain about 2000mm a year

What is the Tropical Rain Forest in South America?

The rain forest in South America is the Amazon Rain Forest.

What is the main difference between a tropical rain forest and coastal forest?

a tropical forest has a lot of rain. a coastal forest has no rain.

What is the difference between the tropical rain forest and the tropical forest?

The Tropical Rain Forest has more rain than a tropical forest.

Why is there a lot of rain in the rain forest?

Because, the rain forest is obviously called the rain forest for a reason! So there you go! There's your answer!

Were is the rain forest?

were is a rain forest sandis and telmo

Does it rain in a rain forest?

yes obviously, that's why its called a rain forest