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No, Tylenol will not stop your period. It may help to decrease discomfort that comes with your period, though. The only drugs designed to stop your period are marketed as Birth Control pills.

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Q: Does Tylenol work to stop your period?
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Can taking Tylenol 500 mg stop your period?

Im trying figure this very thing out. So I tested it's 2moro days before my period was duerr I strated takibg 2 Tylenol extra strength a day so 1000 mg. Im now 3 days later byte still crampy. So yeah it worked for me. But I've heard it's very unhealthy to stop your period. I'm only doing it this once so I had a for sure answer.

If you take the pill when you start your period will it stop?

yes it will stop. i have taken the pill on my first day an its work

Will advil reduce fever as well as Tylenol?

I don't find it to work as well as Tylenol.

What is the noun for strike?

Strike can be a noun. As a noun it means to stop work for a period of time.

Can you take Tylenol while on suboxone?

Yes, but it may not work, and you certainly shouldn't take more than recommended dosage, nor take it regularly for extended period of days.

Will vineager stop your period?

No, vinegar will not stop your period. Your period is part of your menstrual cycle and a natural function of your body, you cannot stop your period with vinegar.

Is Advil or Tylenol better for a concussion?

The doctor I went to recommended to take tylenol the first day and after that you can take aspirin, Advil, etc. to stop the pain

Is it harmful to take 2 Tylenol pm every night to help sleep?

As long as you stay under the recommended dosage of Tylenol per 24 hours, you should be fine. Tylenol is non-addictive. And the recommended dosage for Tylenol is 1500mg per 24 hour period.

Will the patch work if you put it on during ovulation and will it stop your next period and would your period return when you removed the patch?

Yes it will work and yes it will stop your period from coming.I've done it many times.When you do decide to take it off you will have your period as if you would normally taking it off every 4th week.I've done it stopping my period up to 2 months,but sooner or later your period will come even if you keep putting the patch on if you putit off for too long.

Does Tylenol help Oxycontin work?


Can lamotrigine be taken with Tylenol?

I wouldn't take this drug period but it does not go well with Tylenol as well. Had a mild seizure everytime i took Tylenol with it. Taking Lacmictal destroyed my life. It should not be approved by the fda.

How can you stop your period if your 11 years old?

No matter your age there is nothing you can do to stop your period. your period is a nnormal function of your body, it will stop when it's due to stop.

How do you overdose on Tylenol pm liquid?

To overdose on Tylenol Pm you would have taken more of the dosage on the bottle. You DO NOT WANT TO OVERDOSE ON TYLENOL!! Typically it doesn't work and when you live from it your kidneys and liver are shot.

Why do you get a headache when you first start your period?

It is one of the many pains you get when you get your period. It is completely normal. If you want to take some tylenol.

Does anarexia stop your period?

If your weight gets too low then your period will usually stop. If you exercise a lot, that too can stop your period.

What can ease period pain?

Advil, Tylenol, Midol, Pamprin and Green Tea

What are some ways to ease cramping while on your period?

Try putting warm water in a water bottle or a warm wash cloth could work. Take some Tylenol.

Does Tylenol help you pass a drug test?

Does not help but what does is STOP USING DRUGS.

What can you do to stop headaches?

You can take Advil or Tylenol. Or you can put a hot compress on your head.

How to have a good period?

well the only way to have a good period is too take a Tylenol or you might as well go through with the pain

Can you take Tylenol with levothyroxine?

You may take Tylenol (Paracetamol) with Levothyroxine. You should first discuss the addition of Tylenol with your pharmacist and/or your primary care physician. Do not exceed more than 4000mg per 24 hour period with Tylenol. This means 8 extra strength Tylenol. It is now recommended not to exceed 3500 mg (7 - 500mg tablets) per 24 hours.

What class is Tylenol with Codeine?

Can it work like tramadol

Can you take Tylenol with isosorb mono er 30mgtab?

i have take isosorb mono 30 mg and the side efets headacks can i take tylenol yo stop the headacks

Is it okay to start Prozac 10 Mg if you are taking Tylenol 3 for pain?

Tylenol shouldn't interfere with the Prozac, on a count that it is a fairly small dosage. But, if you experience nausea or dizziness you should stop taking the Tylenol immediately and contact your doctor.

If you had protected sex 3 days before your period date could that make your period come in a later time?

if your on your period before your date then go swimming so it might stop quicker, it depend if it's heavy or not if it's light it will stop but if it's heavy it won't work