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No, Crushes can happen to anyone and anytime. But they are likely to stay forever.

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Q: Does Vanessa like Felix
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Who does Zac Efron like vanessa or Ashley?

he like vanessa more

What are things Vanessa Hudgens doesn't like to do?

do vanessa and zac have sex do vanessa and zac have sex

Who is Stella hudgens does she look abitt like Vanessa Hudgens?

Stella hudgens is vanessa hudgens sister she looks abitt like vanessa

Does Vanessa like sharpay?

=Yes!but vanessa is too slutty........=

Do you like Vanessa?


Do you like Felix?


Why is vanessa hugens name vanessa?

probably her parents like the name

Does Vanessa Hudgens like Ashley Tisdale?

yes they r like bff's so yeah vanessa does like ashley.

How do you be like Vanessa Morgan?

what is a vanessa morgan question doing in a zendaya categorized as zendaya anyway uhm there is no way to be like her Vanessa Morgan is just herself

Does Zack Efron like Ashley or Vanessa Hudgens?

Does Zack Efron like Ashley or Vanessa Hudgans?

Who does zac like more Miley Cyrus or vanessa hudgens?

i think vanessa

Does anybody like the name Vanessa or Jennifer?

Vanessa, not so much Jennifer

Do you like vanessa huggins?


Why does Vanessa Hudgens like corbin bleu?

Vanessa Hudgens don't like Corbin Bleu..They are just friendz.She said:Corbin is like my brother,I love him like that,not anymore...:)Vanessa Hudgens dating with Zac Efron right now..

Does Corbin Bleu like Vanessa Hudgens?


Does vanessa like Nikki?

Everybody likes Nikki - so, yes, that includes Vanessa.

Who does like vanessa hudgenes?

like who Doesn't like her. Like Come On

Does Vanessa Hudgens like joe Jonas?

no vanessa is married to zac efron so if vanessa liked joe than that would be cheating

What does vanessa paradis like to do?


Who does Vanessa Hudgens like?

Vanessa, likes Zac Efron well she dosent like him she loves him she is going out with him and they are the best couple in the world!!!!!!!

Do vanessa anne hudgens like having her personal life open?

vanessa hudgens dosent like to talk about her personal life...

Does Nick Jonas have a crush on Vanessa Hudgens?

no and never,Vanessa Hugens like Zac Efron

Does Ryan sheckler like Vanessa Hudgens?

Ryan sheckler has stated that he has a crush on vanessa hudgens.

Do you look like Vanessa Hudgens?

Yes i actually do look like vanessa hudgens she is famous and she sings well she is lucky to have Zac Efron :)

Does Vanessa Hugdens like Justin Beiber?

i like turtles