Does Venus have poisonous gas

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Yes and it is too close to the sun to go to

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Q: Does Venus have poisonous gas
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Is venus made up of poisonous gas?

No. The atmosphere is made of poisonous gasses, but the planet itself is rock.

What are the gases on Venus' surface made of?

The gases on the surface of Venus are made of carbon monoxide and sulfur gas clouds that swirl togeher and make an extremely poisonous gas.

Are Venus Flytrap flowers poisonous?

No, Venus Flytrap flowers are not poisonous.

Which planet's poisonous atmosphere has been described as the product of a runaway greenhouse effect?

Venus. The atmosphere of Venus consists of about 96.5% carbon dioxide (CO2), a powerful greenhouse gas.

Who has thick poisonous atmosphere?


What made the poisonous gases on Venus?

The gasses of Venus are primarily volcanic emissions.

What is the autmospher like on venus?

yellow and poisonous

Which planets have poisonous gases?

Venus and mercury

What planet has an atmosphere of thick poisonous clouds?


Is there a poison cloud in Venus's?

Venus' atmosphere is composed of clouds of sulfuric acid, which is poisonous to us.

Is CO2 poisonous?

no, Co2 is not a poisonous gas

What color is Venus's?

Venus is a Orange red colour due to the poisonous clouds in its atmosphere. vrery scary