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Well, if you count how globally friendly and big the company is, you would have to think WWE would have the most fans, for many reasons. That includes merchandise, websites, social networking, and tours.

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Q: Does WWE or TNA have the most fans?
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Wwe vs tna who woulld win?

A WWE fans Opinion WWE is for entertainment lovers and wrestling fans, TNA is unable to entertain like WWE. I like wwe more than TNA as TNA has to much drama. Both the wrestling's are good, every TNA fan and every WWE fan have a different opinion. Please discus your opinion in the discussion section.

Who has the most fans jonasbrothers or WWE?

according to a poll online on a website (i forgot name) Jonas brother got 17% of the vote while wwe got 35% and tna got 58% BTW tna were also included so yes wwe has More fans than the Jonas brothers but tna has more than wwe i hope i helped

What one do people most watch TNA or WWE?

Tna impact

Which wrestling federation is better?

Well when we look at the ratings it's WWE. When we ask the fans it's WWE. When you ask the WWE it is the WWE but when you ask TNA it's always TNA because they always have to look out for their federation. But it is a fact that WWE is the most dominating federation right now. The reason is because WWE has more popular and stronger wrestlers then any other federation.

Will WWE ever invade TNA?

It is a possibility that WWE will invade TNA. If it does happen, it is unknown.

Is TNA a threat to WWE?

No, TNA is not a threat to WWE.

Why are so many people leaving WWE and going to tna?

Most reasons are that wrestlers are released from wwe and go to TNA. Other reasons are that wrestlers are not happy with there position in WWE so they go to TNA.

Wwe buying tna?

WWE will not buy TNA because they can just destroy TNA in the Monday night wars And TNA is no match for wwe

Does WWE own part of tna?

yes wwe does own tna that why every wwe wrestler is going to tna...

Will tna buy out WWE?

no don t get me wrong i love tna but wwe is much richer and could buy out tna easer than tna could buy wwe. wwe is trying to buy tna now tna trying to buy wwe is impossible.

Should you watch tna or WWE?

Wwe, tna is horrible

Do tna fans love it?

If you mean do they tna then yes. That is why they are fans.