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To make a claim with your homeowners insurance policy, you will need to contact your agent for details on how to proceed from there. In searching the Wallside Windows webpage, I did not see any indication that they accept homeowners insurance as payment.


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It just depends on the insurance company underwriting guidelines. Some companies will not accept pool risks with a slide, some will not accept diving boards. If it is determined that your risk does not qualify for coverage under the guidelines then they can cancel your policy.

Maybe. Many factors are considered by insurance company underwriters in determining whether or not to accept a risk and the price (premium) to be charged. Many insurers do utilize credit reports to help assess and price a risk.//

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WikiAnswers is a question and answer website - we do not accept any insurance because you don't have to pay for the questions and answers.

If your name is on it and you have not signed it then they can not legally cash the check. I've seen someone from the mortgsge co forge the homeowners name to cash it before though.

To find a dental insurance you can contact a dentist office to find out what type of insurance they accept. Then contact those companies. If you have a specific dentist office you want to go to then it's especially important to find out what insurance they accept.

You can not get insurance to cover you accept from the day you actually received coverage.

Some Mexican dentists do accept Delta dental insurance from America. To find out if the dentist would be covered, you would need to contact Delta, and then contact the dentist to make sure that they would accept the insurance.

Most treatment facilities accept insurance. Whether the insurance applies is a matter to be discussed with the insurance provider. Not all policies cover rehab for dependents. Call the number on the back of the insurance card for details.

Yes, there are doctors in California that accept medicare supplement insurance. You can see a list of them at

Most hospitals do accept Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance. Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance is known by hospitals all around the world.

Not many, You will have to look around a bit to find an insurance company that will accept you now and you will probably be paying a lot more for it. What companies will be available to you will depend on which state your home is located in. Depending on the nature of those claims and whether you have taken measure to mitigate future losses you may be paying anywhere from 2 to 10 times the rate you previously had.

There are several optometrists in every states. The best option is to contact local optometrists and ask if they accept Oxford health insurance.

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No!! It is highly illegal for you to do this. When you make a claim on you home insurance for something that was the fault of your contractor you sign over all subjugation rights against this contractor to your insurance company. This means that if your home insurance pays any part of this claim you give them all your rights to go after the contractor, which they will do. They will go to the contractor and their insurance company to get reimbursed for any amount they paid plus costs. In most states it is considered insurance fraud for you to even try to collect damages from two places for the same claim.

If you have filed a home insurance claim through your existing home insurance company, you do have the right to change insurance companies if you were unhappy with the service you were provided, or for any other reason. As long as you have coverage in place at the time of the claim, you can cancel your policy and bind coverage with another company. It is important to receive quotes and bind your coverage before cancelling your policy because some companies will not accept homeowners with claims on their claims history report.

There are various way to find lists of dentists who accept your dental insurance. You can go to your local White pages and call each provider, but that is very time consuming. You can also call 1-800-Dentist. The vast majority of their dentists will accept major insurance plans.

I suggest you call Oxford Insurance customer service and ask them for a list.

Some do and some do not. You have to check with each individual doctor.

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Contact the department of Insurance or it's equivalent in your state. They will accept your reports and investigate the matter for you.

Some Planned Parenthood offices accept Blue Cross. Visit the related link to check on the insurance accepted by your local health center.

Insurance form means the proposal form to be filled and submitted by the applicant to the insurance company which may accept the proposal to insure the applicant.

Windows Movie Maker will not accept .mkv or .flv files. You have to convert the files to a format compatible with the program before you can import them. Windows Movie Maker is limited in the amount for formats it can import/use.

AnswerIf you have a co-pay and the dentist does not accept it (only accepts payment from insurance as full) then the dentist is committing insurance fruad. This can lead to revokation of license, fines and prison.

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