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Does a 1990 S10 take R12 or R134 refrigerant?

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It Should Use R12, That Was Factory On Them. It May Have Been Converted. Either Let A Good A/C Person Check It Out.

2006-08-15 05:12:27
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Does a 1997 Concorde take R12 or R134 refrigerant?


What refrigerant is used for a 1995 Honda Civic?

R12 134A pre 1996 is r12, after is r134

Is ok for my CAR ford 2005 explore R12 refrigerant?

No , it's R134-a

What kind of air conditioning refrigerant does a 1994 Pontiac grand prix come with from the factory R12 or R134?

R134 _ Well Mine did

What refrigerant does a 1994 Oldsmobile 98 take R12 or R134?

It came from the factory with R12. Unless it has already been converted which you will know by a sticker placed somewhere on the system, I would most definitely have it repaired and then converter over to R134. R12 is just too expensive to consider using.

What Type of refrigerant is used in a 1996 Ford Contour?

This is the transition year. It can be R12 or R134. It is listed on the unit. The fact that R12 is no longer being produced makes it extremely expensive. Convert it to R134.

What refrigerant used in 1991 Oldsmobile cutlass cierra?

Unless it has been converted to R134, the OEM refrigerant installed in 1991 was R12 Freon. I suggest you have it converted to R134 if it has not already been done.

What ac refrigerant does a 1992 mercury grand marquis take; 134a or r-12?

It came from the factory with R12. Due to the high cost of R12, I would have it converted to R134.

What type of refrigerant is used on a 1992 gmc sonoma truck?

R12 It is not produced anymore. Have to covert to R134.

What type of freon does a 1997 dodge neon use?

Uses no Freon which is R12. Uses R134 refrigerant.

How much refrigerant do you put in a 89 dodge dynasty?

The original freon (refrigerant) in the 1989 Dodge Dynasty's was R12. The amount of R12 it was supposed to use was 32 ounces. R12 freon is no longer available because of environmental concerns. Most such systems were converted to use R134 or R134A refrigerant, which is much less efficient in terms of cooling. Another type of refrigerant that is still available (which is better than R134) is called Envirosafe.

What kind of refrigerant is in a 1990 88 royale?


How many cans of freon does a 1992 Honda accord take?

You do not want to buy Freon as it is very, very, expensive. Have the leak repaired, the system purged of all Freon R12 and the oil. Have it converted over to R134 refrigerant. You cannot just add R134 as the oil used in R12 is not compatible with R134. You will be money ahead by converting it.

What type of freon is used in a 1997 Chevy blazer?

Freon is R12. Your 1997 Chevy uses R134 Refrigerant.

How can i change fre-on on a1997 Chevy Lumina?

There is no need to ever change the refrigerant which is R134 and not Freon R12.

Does the 1986 Ford Bronco 2 take R134 AC refrigerant?

A 1986 Ford Bronco II would use R12 unless it has been converted

Does a 99 Mitsubishi galant take r12 or r134 for the ac system?

It takes R134. R12 is no longer used in vehicles produced around 1990 and newer. Every vechicle from 95 and on uses R134A. Some cars may have even started converting over to r134 as early as 93 but officially EVERY VEHICLE from 95 and on has r134

1994 Oldsmobile 98 air conditioner refrigerant r12 or r134?

it could be either or if its R-12 it needs to be converted

What is the refrigerant for a Ford 400 ci engine?

If your vehicle is a 1994 or older is contains R12. 1995-96 It man contain R12 or R134. After 1996 it will contain R134. It is listed on a label near the compressor dryer. Engine size means nothing.

What type of refrigerant on a 94 ford motor home van?

94 went to r134. but if it is really a 93 chassis, I wouldn't know I think that was the change over year from r12 to r134

Does 1990 Honda accord air conditioning have r12?

Yes, it came from the factory with R12. R12 was used up until late 1995. I suggest you convert it over to R134.

What type of freon is used in 1992 dodge caravan?

It came from the factory equipped with R12 Freon. I suggest you convert it to R134 Refrigerant. R12 is no longer produced and is very expensive if you can find it.

What AC refrigerant is used for a 1989 Ford Tarus?

R12 was used up until 1992. R134 Is what is used now, and you can even check to see if yours was converted from R12 To R134A

What type of freon does the 1990 Honda accord take?

It came from the factory with R12. I suggest you have the leak fixed and the R12 removed. Then have it converted over to use R134. R12 is far too expensive to be cost effective to install today, even if you can find it. it is no loner in production and may be very hard to find. R134 is readily available.

Can a car using R12 refrigerant use R134?

You would have to replace the orifice tube, accumulator or receiver-drier (which one you have depends on what type of AC system you have), as well as remove all of the R12 refrigerant, and you'd have to replace the compressor oil with PAG.