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Does a 1995 Camaro Z28 have a blown head gasket if antifreeze is blowing smoking out of the tailpipe but is not mixing with the oil and if so do you have to drop the engine to fix it?


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2010-09-18 08:16:43
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I had a problem like yours in which antifreeze was coming out the tail pipes and no problems with the oil. In my case it was the head gasket, I didn't drop the engine to replace the gaskets but it might be easier to do it that way. It took me prob 20 hours to both remove and replace the gaskets. Now if i remember correctly it's rated at like a 16 hour job from a mechanics view so unless your going to do it yourself it's going to be an expensive fix. Hope this helped.


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i want to know what type of antifreeze does 1994 chevy camaro

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Make sure your just not losing water that was in the exhaust before you replaced the head gasket.

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in 1994 they still used the green antifreeze.

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the color doesn't matter, just go to your local automotive store and ask for a antifreeze. Just provide exactly what model and year.

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Loss of power, smoke, knocking noise, popping noise, backfiring through carb, or out tailpipe. Any, or, all of these.

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