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It would help to know the make and year of this vehicle if you expect an answer. Opel, right? What year and what engine?

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Q: Does a 52 combo 17di van have a belt or chain drive and when should they be changed?
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When should timing belt be changed for a rover 75 diesel 2 liter?

it does not have a timing belt, it is a chain drive which should be good for the life of the car

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When do you change a timing chain on a 2000 Kia Sportage EX 4 Wheel Drive auto?

That particular model does not have a chain,, it has a belt. and it needs to be changed at 60k or it will BREAK!

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Does a 1986 sportster 1100 have belt or chain drive?

It is chain drive.

Does 2005 Saturn have a timing belt or chain?

it has a timing chain, which should be towards the bottom of the engine, and it has a drive belt, which is external and in the front.

How tight should the drive chain be on a Honda 350x?

it should have 1 inch to 3/4 inch slack in it

Chain drive uses?

A chain and sprockets.

When does a timing chain need to be changed on a 2002 rav4?

The timing chain only needs to be repalced when it breaks. A light on the dash will come on once it's broken, and you can drive to the nearest Walmart and have it replaced.

What is the drive chain size for 1981 Honda 400E motorcycle?

i just changed mine and i already forgot... check out oldbikebarn dot com, as they are gurus on this type of old honda, and should be able to answer/provide you with proper parts.

How do you retrieve Ford Thunderbird combo?

go to the Sonic Drive Inn

Does a 1994 pathfinder four wheel drive have a timing belt or chain?

The '94 V6 has a belt that should be changed every 105,000 miles. The 4-cylinder has a chain. Older models from 87-93 with the V6 and a square-toothed belt should have the belt changed every 60,000 miles. The 93-94-95's with the round-tooth belt all have 105K change intervals. -88pathoffroadanswerIf it is a 4 cylinder z24 motor its got a timing chain. V6 VG30 its a timing belt

Does the Lexus 220d have a chain or Belt Drive?


What is the chain called that drives a chain block?

It's called the drive chain.

Which tires should have chains on them when it snows?

The tires that actually drive. For example if your car is a front wheel drive, then the front wheels should be chained. If it is a real wheel drive vehicle, then the rear wheels should be chained. If it is an all-wheel drive then you could chain all four wheels.

When does the timing chain in a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee have to be replaced?

This is like asking "when should I have the cylinders reground or the oil pump replaced. A timing chain is not like a timing belt in that it is not subject to 80,000 mile replacement. So, keep your oil changed every 3000 miles and drive on.Good luck !!!

How often should I get my oil changed ?

If you do not drive it often, I would recommend getting it changed every 3 months. That is what many mechanics tell you to do.

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the computer you're on

I added power steering fluid to my transmission. Will it mess it up?

Yes, power steering fluid is very harmful to an automatic transmission. You should not drive it until the fluid is changed.Yes, power steering fluid is very harmful to an automatic transmission. You should not drive it until the fluid is changed.

What cars had chain drive?

Virtually all cars built before 1900 had chain drive, the engine had been mounted in the rear near the drive axles. As of 1910 most cars had the engine in the front, a drive shaft became more practical than chain drive.

How do you replace chain drive sprocket on a stihl 08s?

remove bar, chain there should be a small cover over the drive sprocket, held on woth a screw, remove cover, then there should be a screw or bolt holding the sprocket on, remove that, pull old sprocket off, replace it in reverse.

Does a 2003 Harley Sportster have chain or belt drive?

A 2003 sportster has a chain drive for the promary, firm the engine to the transmission, and a belt drive final drive. The final drive is from the transmission to the rear wheel.

Three common types camshaft drive?

Chain drive, Belt drive and Gear drive.