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DS lite chargers do not fit a 3DS.

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Q: Does a DS Lite car charger fit a 3DS?
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Will your DS Lite charger fit a 3DS?

No, the DS lite charger will not fit. You'd need at least the DSi/DSi XL charger which is the same as the 3DS one.

Can a ds lite charger fit a 3ds?

No, the input to the ds is much wider and 3ds much more square in shape. sorry

Will a Nintendo 3DS fit in a Nintendo DS lite case?

Yes the 3DS and DS lite are the same size

Do DS lite games fit in a 3DS XL?

Yes, regular DS games fit into a 3DS.

Does a Nintendo ds lite charger fit the Nintendo DSi?

No, the DSi has its own, separate charger.

Will DS lite version chips fit into the 3DS's?

Yes, the 3DS has backwards compatibility to DS and DSi games.

Does the Nintendo DS charger fit the Nintendo DS Lite input?

Sorry to say but the other charger can't fit into the other system.

Can you use a sumsung charger for 3DS?

If the port can fit it, it is ok. I tried it before, no problem.

Will the DS lite charger work on the DSi?

No, the dsi charger plug in on the dsi is a rectangle when the ds is a line its to long it will not fit

Can a Nintendo DS lite Charger be used in Australia?

Australian DS lite chargers can be used in Australia. A charger from another country may need an adaptor to fit the three-pronged 240v 'Type I' sockets. However an Australian charger can be used on any DS lite, regardless of where that console came from.

Can a charger rt engine fit inside a charger se?

sure, it's the same car.

Do DS Lite skins fit on a 3DS?

yes the 3ds and the ds light are the same size so im gonna try megaman starforce ds light skin on my new 3ds just to see how it will turn out.

What is the difference between Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DS Lite charger?

the plug-in tip is to small and it doesn't fit the shape.

Do you need a 3DS to play 3DS games?

Yes, a Nintendo 3ds is required to play Nintendo 3ds titles. The cartridges themselves will not fit into a DS, DS Lite, DSi, or DSi XL because of a small tab jutting out from the side of each game cartridge.

Can the 3DS XL fit into the 3DS charging crater?


Can a 3DS game fit in a dsi?

No, 3DS games will only work in a 3DS.

How many people can fit in a Dodge Charger?

In the new charger 5 will fit.

Does M3i cards for Nintendo DSi fit into Nintendo 3DS?

It will fit, but it will not work on the Nintendo 3DS

What is a universal phone charger?

A universal phone charger is a phone charger can has a part where you can plug it into your car while your on the go and it charges your phone while you in your car and Yes but you would need to buy the right plug in that would fit your phone

Does the DS stylus fit in the 3DS?

no, the 3ds stylus is different build from the ds stylus so the ds stylus cannot fit into the 3ds.

Will a 2008 Chrysler 300 rims fit a 2007 dodge charger?

they should as they are basically the same car.

Can a Nintendo 3DS card fit in a Nintendo DSi?

The memory cards are the same, but no, you can't fit a 3DS game into a DSi, it is specially made to not fit, as a DSi cannot run a 3DS game anyway.

How do you charge a Nintendo DS without a charger?

BUY A NEW ! OR USE A GAMEBOY SP CHARGER Or buy any gamboy charger, I think ????? Actually if it's a regular DS a Gameboy Advance SP Charger should work, if it's a lite, then use a Mini USB connected to a computer! hey i have a gameboy SP charger and it dose not FIT how can i charge it

Do the v8 charger rims fit on a v6 charger?

They should

Will 69 charger rims fit a 06 charger?