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Does a DS Lite use a the same games and power cord as a DS?

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The DS Lite uses all of the same games as the DS. But the DS Lite has a different (smaller) power cord connector.

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the ds lte is smaller but the games are only called ds games not ds lite games

All DS lite games are the same as the regular Nintendo DS.

No, a 2DS game is the same as a 3DS game and the DS lite cannot play them.

internet , games , connection for other games , same as the Nintendo Ds

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of course they are the same thing

OF COURSE! there are NO games that are compatible on the DSi but not the DS lite unless you are using an R4. mostly becasue they use the same kind of game

Yes, the cord used for a iPod can be used for a iPad. All of apple products use the same cord.

There are no 'SP' specific games, all Gameboy Advance games are the same, and yes, they will work in a DS Lite, that is the whole point of Slot-2, to play GBA games.

No it can't sorry Singapore is in a diffent zone Australia American and I think china is Too but they can play the same game and use. The Same power cord

A 220 volt power cord has 2 positive terminals. The will look the same. The one that is different will be the ground.

I have the same problem. It stays on fine once it's on, but I need the power cord to initially turn it on. Have you found any results?

The Nintendo DSi is just an upgraded version of the Nintendo DS and DS Lite. The Nintendo DSi plays the exact same games as the Nintendo DS and DS Lite and only plays DS and DS Lite games. Currently, there aren't going to be any DSi games, only more DS games.

Yes, Ds games work with the Dsi as well, but not Game-Boy games

yes all ds ds lite and dsi games are the same

ya it can but the gameboy place the dsi doesnt have

No just the same way as a DS Lite !!

Just about every computer (cpu) uses a standard IBM power cord. Most monitors do as well, unless the power cord is permanently connected. Most computer equipment, other than printers and small devices, use the IBM power cord.

No, it has the same capacity as it would have if it was un coiled.

it alrady has. the dsi has the same games as the ds and ds lite. moron

they are the same but the slim and lite are slimand lite

Yes, they do. Though there are DSi enhanced games, both the Nintendo DS and DSi can play it.

Of course cause they are like the same thing except of the screen, camera, internet, and voice recorder. so you can use your DS lite games.

Yes Nintendo ds games work on DS, DS Lite and DSI. The DSI does not support gameboy advance games but the DS does.

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