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Yes. The Dell AIO 922 is completely supported by CUPS (Common Unix Printing System) in Linux.

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Q: Does a Dell 922 AIO printer have a driver for Linux?
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Which lexmark printer model is the same at the dell 922 all-in-one printer?

You can say that the Dell 922 is based on the Lexmark X5270 since it uses the same engine and case and drivers.

Where can one purchase Dell 922 printer?

There are plenty of places in order for one to purchase Dell 922 printer. However, it is strongly recommended that one should order form the website eBay to have better price.

Dell 922 all in one printer that won't print when it is attached to the computer as a stand a lone it works fine?

You need the right drivers. Call Dell and/or your computer manufacturer.

How do you find an ip address for a dell 922 printer?

Typical printers do not have an IP address, unless it is shared on a network with either a print box, or throught a CAT5 cable directly into the printer. If your printer has CAT5 connection, the IP address will be in the setup menu of the printer. If you are using a print box, you'll have to refer to the manual of the print box, as there are many different types. If you are just sharing a USB or Parallel printer on a network, your printer does not have its own IP. It uses your PC's IP to connect to other PC's

What is the Dell photo all in one printer 922 error message 1200?

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You have replaced ink cartridges in your Dell 922 All-in-One Printer but printer display indicates cartridge is out of ink?

Sometimes you have to do more things to let the printer know that it has a new cartridge. This is what works for me. Go to Control Panel. Click on the icon for Printer. On the next screen, it will show your printer - "click your right mouse button" on your printer name. Select "Properties". This should open some files. Now, click on "Maintenence." Select Clean all colors. This takes about one minute. Close everything. Now, go ahead and try to print. It should be ok.

Why Dell printer 922 AIO says cover open - right cartridge incorrect and prints a blank sheet?

Not sure why exactly. But to continue printing, remove the color cartridge and print black or order a new color cartridge. It has also been suggested that putting an old cartridge in may reset the printer and then when you put the original one back it prints again. I haven't tried that but it seems plausible.

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What is 922 minus 819?

922 - 819 = 103

What is 922 divisible by?

1, 2, 461, 922

What is 922 divided by three with remainders?

922/3 = 307 r 1 922/3 = 307.333r

What ink can work in a dell 922 printer?

Dell printers are proprietary printers. Basically this means, you have to use original inks. There are no compatible cartridges for them (at the moment).The ink no's for the printers are as followedHigh Capacity Black - M4640High Capacity Colour - M4646Low Capacity Colour - J5667Low Capacity Black - J5566Photo Ink - J4484When looking for inks, please shop around. Do not just go for the first price you find, as the prices vary enormously.Hope this helpsBe safe

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