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i don't know if you move but if you commit a federal offense in Michigan and one in Ohio that will be one in each state so that is what it is counted as

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2011-09-12 22:22:57
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Q: Does a Felony carry over to a new state if you move?
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If you move from Georgia and leave an outstanding traffic ticket without going to court does it carry over to the new state?

yes it does carry over state to state

Is bouncing a check over state lines a felony?

Intentionally providing a bad check is a felony - over state lines or not

What is the difference between state felony offense and federal felony offense?

A State felony is from a law passed by the State legislature. A federal felony is from a law passed by the U.S. Congress. Federal laws take precedence over State laws.

Do felony charges from Texas cross over into another state?

If you are asking if the felony conviction from Texas will still be a felony conviction in another state, then yes. Once convicted you are marked for life.

Can you be a notary if you have a felony over 10 years old?

It depends if the felony was a fraud issue... but is up to the Sectary of State

What amount of marijuana possession is a felony in the state of Oregon?

Over an ounce.

Do I need to change my title over if I move out of state to the new state?

No, you will not need to change your title over if you move to a new state.

If you charged with theft over 500 is it felony or misdemeanor?

Usually it is a misdemeanor. But each state has different $$$ amounts for determining felony vs. misdemeanor

Is theft over 300 a class 4 felony in Illinois?

A felony is a federal crime and therefore is rated the same in every state in the union.

What is the legal level of marijuana?

it depends on the state in minnesota over 42 grams is a felony!

Can you move out of state on probation?

no you have to stay in state until your probation is over

What does felony bound over mean?

What does felony BOUND OVER TO CPC mean

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