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Does a Nintendo DSi fit in a Nintendo ds lite case?


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2009-12-12 16:53:53

no u cant a dsi cant fit in a ds case i tried a dsi is bigger than a ds


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No, the DSi has its own, separate charger.

Most games, I believe. But, The Guitar HeroTM games do NOT fit the DSi.

Yes the 3DS and DS lite are the same size

the plug-in tip is to small and it doesn't fit the shape.

Yes, it can since the Nintendo DS lite is slightly smaller than the original DS

Yes, they can fit.DS/DS Lite Slot-1 games are exactly the same as DSi Slot-1 games, but Gameboy Advance (GBA) games are not supported by the console.Important:Any Nintendo DS game which requires an addon that uses the GBA slot, is not supported on the Nintendo DSi (eg. DS Lite internet browser or Guitar Hero: On Tour)Note:Because of the above reason, do not sell your Nintendo DS Lite if you intend to play Guitar Hero On Tour. :)

DSi console is different from DS lite in size. so some DSi accessory not fit ds lite. such as the DSi case, DSi battery, DSi screen film, touch pen, and so on. but some other DSi accessory can be used in DS lite console. such as r4 card, charger, usb cable, earphone, and so on.

The Nintendo DS (Original) Styli are small and thin The Nintendo DS Lite Styli are slightly longer and thicker, with a larger 'head' at the top The Nintendo DSi Styli are even longer, about the same thickness with a smaller 'head' HOWEVER, the DS Lite styli are still meant to work with and fit in the DSi perfectly.

yes a dsi charger fits a dsi XL and a dsi XL fits the dsi

Yes, you can use ds games on the dsi. My friend's sister got one for her birthday and she said you can use them in the dsi. But the Dsi's do not fit in a Ds case.

It will fit, but it will not work on the Nintendo 3DS

There is no such thing as "DSi Lite" but let me tell you this: at the moment of writing, ALL DS games fit in ALL DS's (DS, DS Lite, DSi, DSi XL)

No, the DS lite charger will not fit. You'd need at least the DSi/DSi XL charger which is the same as the 3DS one.

The memory cards are the same, but no, you can't fit a 3DS game into a DSi, it is specially made to not fit, as a DSi cannot run a 3DS game anyway.

no a dsi is smaller than a ds

no it doesn't. but it can fit in a dsi

No, the dsi charger plug in on the dsi is a rectangle when the ds is a line its to long it will not fit

Yes, you can use ds lite games in the original Nintendo ds. They are not making new specialized games for the Nintendo ds lite. they are still making games that fit both the original DS and the Nintendo DS Lite.

Yes, a Nintendo 3ds is required to play Nintendo 3ds titles. The cartridges themselves will not fit into a DS, DS Lite, DSi, or DSi XL because of a small tab jutting out from the side of each game cartridge.

No, it's a totally different format. Every edition of Nintendo DS requires it's own case.

It would depend on which accessory you are trying to use. -A DS Lite stylus will fit in the DSi's stylus slot; The difference is the DSi's is only a little longer. -The DS Lite charger will not work with the DSi. This should be obvious that the DSi's, likewise, will not work with the DS Lite. -Personally, I wouldn't get a screen protector for my DSi that was made for the Lite, as you probably know the screens are somewhat larger as well. -Last note, any accessories that need a Game Boy Advance slot, such as the Guitar Hero grip thing, will not work in the DSi, because Nintendo dropped the Game Boy Advance slot on the bottom of the DSi. This also means features like Pal Park, for Pokemon games, won't work unless done with a DS, or DS Lite. the DSi and DS lite are different in size. How can their accessory fit each other?

No, the dsi XL has a bigger screen than the dsi.

Yes, the Nintendo 3DS will play NDS and NDSi games

i think bcuz i tried ds games in dsi and they worked

Yes. A DS Lite is the same as the DS, but smaller; A DSi is the same thing as a DS Lite but with a few added features. All DS games are compatible with all the kinds of DS, except ones that need the GBA slot (aka Slot-2): * Original DS expansion paks work in the DS and DS Lite * DS Lite paks only work in the DS Lite (won't fit in original ds, too short) * DSi won't support any Slot-2 expansion paks.

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