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Does a Nintendo ds charge in a Nintendo ds lite charger?


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No, the original DS and the lite have different chargers.

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No, the Nintendo DS lite charger is not the same as the Nintendo DSi charger

A DS Lite Charger can be used to charge a Nintendo DS Lite. It's best to always fully charge the battery once it's empty. This will give a longer live to your battery.

No, the Nintendo DS lite charger is different than the Nintendo DSi and DSi XL

No, the Nintendo DS charger is different than the DS lite chager

Yes. A charger does come with a Nintendo DS lite when you purchase them brand new.

No, the Nintendo DS uses the Gameboy Advanced SP charger

No, the DSi charger is different than the DS lite charger

There are many places where someone can buy a used charger for a Nintendo DS Lite, such as going online to find a used charger or, there are many shops that will allow you to buy a used charger for a Nintendo DS Lite.

The charger is too small for the regular DS, unless you have a universal charger, but I don't know about the accessory packs.What I use for my original Nintendo ds, is us a USB cable, for a Nintendo ds lite charger....well.....i don't know....

No, the dark grey Nintendo DS lite charger is different than the black original Nintendo DS & Game Boy Advanced SP charger.

No because on DSi, the slot for the charger is smaller than the DS lite, it has a thicker slot.Nintendo DS and Wii ExpertNadine Barnett

No. The DSi has a different charger from both the DS and DS Lite.

yes you can don't worry. you cannot use the ds lite charger on the ds.

no. you can only use authentic Nintendo DS lite charger

On the original Nintendo DS yes they use the same charger, but on the Nintendo DS lite and Nintendo DSi that is not the case.

No, the DSi has its own, separate charger.

turn off the ds before it runs out of battery and it charges extremly slow but it charges

You will have to charge it with the Nintendo DS charger.

Sorry to say but the other charger can't fit into the other system.

No, the DSi uses a different charge to the DS lite.

The Nintendo DS Lite is equipped with a little orange light that goes out when the Nintendo Ds Lite is done charging. Usually the NDSL takes from 2-4 hours to charge.

No. The DS lite charger is much smaller than the SP charger.

The black charger for the original DS (not the lite) is exactly the same as the charger for the GBA.

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